Welcome Renegades! We are safely expanding our in-person class offerings for Summer and Fall! We have created flexible learning options and have implemented safety protocols.
Visit the COVID-19 page for details and information on BC’s reopening!

Bakersfield College


FAQ: COVID-19 and BC's Response

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory illness that can spread from person to person. The virus that causes COVID-19 is a novel coronavirus that was first identified during an investigation into an outbreak in Wuhan, China. Reported illnesses have ranged from mild symptoms to severe illness and death for confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) cases. Symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure and include fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

For more information, visit the CDC’s Coronavirus Disease 2019 webpage.

Bakersfield College is closely monitoring the status and development of any cases in Kern County. We will notify students and the campus community through student and employee emails if a confirmed case arises.

Bakersfield College continues to closely monitor the emerging situation with regard to the spread of COVID-19. President Christian and her special Advisory Team are providing daily updates to the campus community and maintaining a web page with all of the latest information about our response at the COVID-19 Update page.

Various teams around campus have been working attentively to keep hand sanitizers filled, send communications, post posters to bulletin boards and the website, and keep surfaces and door handles disinfected on a routine schedule. Under the leadership of President Christian, all students, staff, and faculty have been encouraged to stay home if they are sick, cancel all non-essential travel, frequently wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and refrain from touching their faces. We are following the guidance set forth by public health professionals and using best practices in order to mitigate the spread of any infection diseases on campus.

Under California Department of Public Health Guidelines, we are required to isolate the infected student or staff member immediately and contact local public health authorities. At that point, we will develop communication plans for campus closure, provide guidance to remind people of the importance of social distancing measures, maintain regular communications with the local public health department, consult CDC guidelines to determine additional cleaning protocols, and determine a timeline and any additional steps needed for the campus to reopen.

As of right now, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kern County. We are encouraging everyone to remain calm, stay home if they are sick or have a family member who is sick, wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, and refrain from all non-essential travel. In the case you need to stay home, please communicate this with your faculty member.

Individuals with an underlying medical issue are encouraged to practice “social distancing” and make arrangements with their instructors to ensure continuity of education in the event that they may need to self-isolate.

If you have a family member who is ill, make arrangements with your supervisor or faculty member to continue work and classes from home until your family member has recovered and you report no symptoms of illness.

Though no coronavirus cases have been reported in Kern County or Bakersfield, Mike Giacomini Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services, has put together a list of precautions, including:

  • All napkins have moved to a central locations to minimize the spread of germs and dispensers sanitized every 20 minutes.
  • All staff wear gloves after washing their hands when prepping/handling food or money.
  • Duties have been separated so that cash handling and food handling are not potentially cross contaminating.
  • All self-service beverage refrigerator doors, microwaves and credit card machines will be sanitized every 20 minutes.
  • Management is doing hourly audits to ensure that staff adhere to these precautions.

The US Department of Education has provided a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and COVID-19.

FAQ: Instructional Continuity

There are currently no plans to cancel classes, and we will not plan to do so unless directed by our Kern County Department of Public Health. In addition, only the county Health Department has the authority to quarantine community members. We will follow the guidance of the Kern County Department of Public Health and the California Department of Public Health before we make any decisions. 

We have made the decision to transition some of our classes to an altnerative format. The first wave of courses was shifted on March 12. Students, please keep in close contact with your faculty for the most up-to-date information regarding your particular courses. 

The Academic Technology department is prepared to assist with faculty in transitioning your classes to Canvas. Instructional operations are of the utmost importance to us. Canvas is ready. BC’s ICC team is in the planning and communications phase; however, we are completely prepared if the risk advances and BC needs to move to a physical closure. We are prepared to minimize instruction interference by migrating to a remote teaching environment using Canvas.

Below are two worksheets developed for faculty and one for students. If further information is needed, please connect with the Academic Technology Department.

Yes, Canvas supports the integration of ConferZoom. ConferZoom and Canvas are both extremely powerful tools that will assist you in the event of a campus closure, however, we do not recommend solely using ConferZoom. Instead we encourage faculty to use a mix of both Canvas and ConferZoom. Canvas provides a host of tools such as assignments and quizzes. It also provides more socially driven tools such as discussions and student groups. In order to integrate ConferZoom into your Canvas Course please download the guides linked below.

If your instructor is using Canvas and you have a Smartphone, download the Canvas app on your phone. We have guides for using Canvas on your mobile device. Also, contact your instructor if you are having any issues and see how they can work with you.

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, Comcast is offering 2 months free to new Internet Essentials customers. Find out more at https://internetessentials.com/

Spectrum is also offering 2 months free internet to some customers. Find out more at https://www.spectrum.com/browse/content/spectrum-internet-assist.

The Renegade Online Student Hub is available to assist students now with Canvas issues. It is physically located in the Library across from the computer commons. Students can also reach the hub by calling (661) 395-4477 or emailing hub@bakersfieldcollege.edu. We also have a plan in place to assist students in case of a closure.

The Academic Technology team is available to assist you on campus from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm Monday-Thursday in room L129. On Friday, drop in hours are 7:30 am to 2:00 pm. There is a plan in place to assist faculty in case of a closure, as well.

FAQ: Events and Travel

Several campus events have been postponed due to concerns over COVID-19. Visit the Event Status page to stay up-to-date with campus events.

The Center for Disease Control recommends that students should consider cancelling or postponing any international travel, including any study abroad programs. For the time being, BC is cancelling all non-essential travel.

FAQ: Student Services

Please also see the Department FAQs page for more information about how to access services.

Utilize the campus directory on the Bakersfield College website to reach out to the services and departments which you need to connect with.

Under the California Department of Public Health Guidelines for Higher Education, if one student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, we will develop alternative mechanisms to continue medical and social services and meal plans offered through Bakersfield College.

Email veterans@bakersfieldcollege.edu and we will provide you with the information you are requesting or refer you to the appropriate resource.

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At this time, Counseling and Advising Appointments have transitioned into a virtual counseling and advising environment. We are excited to offer your choice of a 30-MINUTE “ZOOM” or PHONE APPOINTMENT, commencing, Monday, March 16, 2020. We are also continuing to service students via email and through our direct office lines.

There are many ways to connect with the Counseling Center! Our hours of operation remain:

  • Monday–Thursday: 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.
  • Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Please call the campus of your choice:

  • Panorama Campus: (661) 395-4421
  • Delano Campus: (661) 720-2000
  • BC Southwest Center: (661) 395-4150

Please email our Counseling Center: counseling@bakersfieldcollege.edu

Additionally, there are Counselors and Advisors located in other departments on campus:

  • Athletics: (661) 395-4681
  • Allied Health: (661) 395-4476
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE): (661) 395-4809
  • Financial Aid: (661) 395-4428
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM): (661) 395-4772
  • Veterans Services: (661) 395-4312

For a complete listing of Counseling Administration, Support Staff, Program Managers, Counseling Faculty and Educational Advisors, please visit: https://www.bakersfieldcollege.edu/counseling/faculty-staff

First, contact our counseling department via phone or email.

Appointment Process: Your Counselor or Advisor will contact you via your BC email or call your on-file phone number (if you do not have internet access, this is a great option!) to schedule and confirm your appointment. If you need to update your phone number, please call the Counseling Center at (661) 395-4421.

Prepare for your Zoom meeting: You must log-in from a computer, laptop, or tablet with a microphone and web camera to optimize your virtual appointment. Your smartphone is also an option. After you schedule your appointment you will receive a link with steps on how to log-in and "meet" with your Counselor or Advisor.

If you have other questions about student services, please see our student services department web pages and FAQs.