Bakersfield College

Campus Pass App

The Kern Community College District (KCCD) Campus Pass app is one of many mitigation tools BC uses to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Features of the app include a self-reporting form and push notification to remind you to complete the Daily Health Checker form before coming onto campus. Individuals who have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 can complete a self-reporting form which may trigger a communication from the BC Response Team. The KCCD Campus Pass App is where you will:

  • Upload to show proof your Vaccination Card 
  • Complete the “Daily Health Checker” form to receive your daily Campus Pass
  • Showing your daily Campus Pass to an instructor or office personnel
  • Complete COVID Test Self-Reporting form

Submitting Proof of Vaccination 

To show proof of partial or full vaccination, upload your DIGITAL Vaccination Card (QR Code) via the KCCD Campus Pass App and complete the “Proof of Full Vaccination” form which is the blue button. Individuals will continue to receive a RED Campus Pass until the vaccination card has been reviewed and approved, in the order in which they are received. Please do NOT email your vaccination cards to the BC COVID Team. DIGITAL vaccination records (QR Code) may be available online for immediate and free access. To access your record, do the following:

  1. Go to Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Record (
  2. Fill out your first name, last name, and date of birth
  3. Check “Cell Phone” or “Email” and enter the cell phone number or email address you used when filling out your vaccine paperwork. If you do not recall which cell phone number or email address you used, you attempt with multiple numbers and addresses. 
  4. Choose a 4-digit code that you will use to retrieve your vaccine record. This is a new code, not something you previously gave to the vaccine site. Make sure you write it down. 
  5. Read the legal disclosure and check it if you agree
  6. If the process was successful, you will receive a link by text or email; if the process was not successful try again with a different phone number or email
  7. Click the link and input your 4 digit code to receive information on how to get your new digital record.

Using the KCCD App

The KCCD Campus Pass App is available for android and i-phones and is easy to use. The KCCD Campus Pass App is used as a tool to assist the BC COVID Response Team in the event of exposure and does not track your location. Using the App is part of the BC COVID Protocols, which involves our campus community downloading the KCCD Campus Pass App from an app store to get campus passes or to show proof of vaccination.  

Download the Campus Pass

Download the KCCD Campus Pass App from the Apple iOS App Store or Google/Andriod Play Store onto your smartphone or computer. Log in to the app using your BC credentials and select Bakersfield College as your campus. 

  1. Select "Get Started"
  2. Select Bakersfield College for your Campus 
  3. Select "Student | Staff | Faculty" 
  4. Log in using your BC Credentials (same user name and password as your insideBC account)

Complete the Daily Health Checker

Complete the required “Health Checker” form before coming onto campus. Completing the Health Checker form will give you a green or red pass. A green pass is required for in-person engagement on campus.

  1. From the Campus screen in the KCCD Campus Pass App, select the Health Checker Form button.
  2. Select answers from the prompts and submit.
  3. Your Campus Pass is displayed.
  4. Upon returning to the app, click on the Campus Pass icon to display your pass.

Showing your Campus Pass

After completing the Health Checker form, you will receive one of two campus passes: green or red. Before entering a classroom or office when requested, individuals will be asked to show their Campus Pass to an instructor or office personnel. To display your Campus Pass via the KCCD App select the Campus Pass icon.

  • Green Campus Pass: If you do not have any COVID-related symptoms, you will receive a green Campus Pass. A green Campus Pass allows you to engage in person on campus (attend classes in person, utilize labs, etc.).
  • Red Campus Pass: If you identify any COVID-related symptoms you will receive a red Campus Pass. In this case, you must stay home. A red pass will initiate a call from the BC COVID Response Team. The Team works with you to clear you or determine the next steps.

Web-Based Forms 

Health Checker Form: Individuals still need to complete the Health Checker form on their computer before coming onto campus. Complete the form to receive your Campus Pass. The form link is available at the top of this page. 

Self-Reporting COVID Test Reporting form: Individuals can inform the BC COVID Response Team if they have been tested with COVID-19 symptoms by a health professional. The form link is available at the top of this page. 

COVID Exemptions

For more information regarding medical or religious exemptions, visit the KCCD Coronavirus Update webpage. Once you have completed the appropriate form with proper signatures, information, and documentation, email it as one pdf to the BC COVID-19 Response Team from your BC email account. Only submissions of BC email accounts will receive responses. You will continue to receive a RED Campus Pass until your exemption has been reviewed and approved. Exemptions are reviewed in the order they are received within the next 4 to 5 business days. Subsequent to your exemption approval, approved individuals adhere to the BC COVID Protocols as well as submit COVID testings twice a week. It is the responsibility of the individuals to allow enough time to administer the COVID test, submit results via the App, and get clearance. Once individuals have received their COVID results, whether positive or negative, select the yellow design button titled, “Self-Reporting: COVID Test Self-Reporting” form within the KCCD Campus Pass App to upload a picture of the test results with the individual's name and date of the test clearly visible. Alternatively, if the individual has already taken a COVID test at a place of work or internship site, they may upload those results to the app, but the test results must be submitted in a timely manner. At-home COVID tests are NOT accepted.