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Repeating a Course

Certain Bakersfield College courses are identified in the course description sections of the catalog as repeatable, with the number of times they may be repeated indicated. Other courses may be repeated once for credit if a grade lower than “C” or its equivalent has been earned.

A student who has repeated a course under this condition may file a petition with the Office of Admissions and Records to have the previous grade and credit disregarded in the calculation of the GPA. Only second attempts will replace the first substandard grade. The original and subsequent grades will remain a part of the student’s permanent record.

If a student earns any combination of “D,” “F,” or “W” on two attempts in a course taken in the Kern Community College District, that student can only register for a third time with the signature of the faculty chair of the department on a Request to Repeat a Course Beyond the Limit form.

In compliance with Title 5 California Code of Regulations Section 56029, certain course repeats may be authorized for students with disabilities following DSPS policies and procedures.

Courses may also be repeated if the previous grade is at least in part a result of extenuating circumstances such as verified cases of illness, accidents, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. Approval to repeat under these circumstances should be obtained prior to registration in the Office of Admissions and Records. In these circumstances, the previous grade will not be disregarded in the calculation of the GPA.

A student may repeat a course to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment. The course may be repeated for credit any number of times, regardless of whether or not substandard work was previously recorded, and the grade received each time shall be included for purposes of calculating the student’s grade point average.

The college can provide no assurance that repeated courses will be treated in a similar manner by other educational institutions.

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