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New Student Convocation 2015

New Student Convocation

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About the Event

The week before the start of the fall semester, BC hosts an Open House to usher you and your family/friends into the new academic year by visiting the various areas on campus and then lead you into Convocation. We will provide critical information about navigating college life, the importance of getting involved on campus, making the most of your time here, and strategies for being successful. This event comes with free dinner, and so much more!

New Student Convocation

The New Student Convocation part of the evening welcomes you as part of the Renegade community. The word convocation literally means a “calling together.” While Convocation is a great way to connect with other students, faculty and staff on campus, it does not replace the student orientation requirement offered throughout summer and fall.

Festivities Include

  • A warm campus welcome
  • Student Organization Information
  • Department Resource Fair
  • Lots of Information & BC Swag
  • Games, Scavenger Hunt, and Prizes!
  • Renegade Mascot Gong (see below)
  • Free dinner served by our dedicated faculty and staff

Renegade Mascot Gong Ceremony

Shortly after the convocation ceremony begins, at 7:13 p.m. (which equates to 19:13 in military time, symbolizing the year BC was founded), our Renegade Mascot marches down to the stage, and rings the gong. The vibration of the gong symbolized the beginning of our incoming students’ academic journey. The gong is once again rung upon confirmation for graduation in the Counseling Center.

Professor Holmes on stage welcoming students at 2015 Convocation.