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Bakersfield College

Equity Summit 2014

Apr. 3, 2014

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Equity 2014 Conference Logo: Equity

Achieving the Dream
through Student Equity and Excellence

About the Summit

Equity 2014 Conference Logo.“Achieving the Dream colleges commit to eliminating achievement gaps among student groups, including students of color and low income students while improving outcomes for all students. When an achievement gap exists, institutions engage faculty, staff, and administration in developing and implementing strategic changes that ensure pedagogy and services are tailored to students’ unique needs. Colleges establish an educational environment where all students have the best opportunities to succeed. A commitment to equity ensures that institutions focus on achieving high rates of success and completion for all students, especially those who have traditionally faced the most significant barriers to achievement.” (Achieving the Dream, 2014)

Attendee Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will understand the differences in definition and application between ‘Equity’ and ‘Equality’
  • Participants will Comprehend the Interrelation among Achieving the Dream, SSSP, and the Student Equity Plan Efforts, and how institutional efforts can be streamlined and synthesized
  • Participants will understand the next steps of transitioning from Achieving the Dream Planning Year toward an Implementation Plan (Year 2)
  • Participants will appreciate the value and process of proactively developing assessment methodologies to evaluate student success interventions