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COMM AA-T: A Degree with a Guarantee!

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California Community Colleges Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T/AS-T)

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Nationwide 40 percent of college students are transfers AA-T and AS-T are acronyms for the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degrees designed to transfer to the California State University System. Thanks to Senate Bill 1440, the California Community Colleges now offer associate degrees for transfer in many of the most popular majors. BONUS: the CSU provides priority admission to California Community College students who have earned an AA-T or AS-T degree. These degrees can be completed in 60 transferable semester units (or 90 quarter units) and include coursework in general education, major preparation and electives.

The BC Communication major was one of the first  at BC to be approved for the Statewide AA-T.  View the course work for the degree. To view a list of frequently asked questions regarding AA-T degrees, please visit the AA-T FAQ Webpage.

Other BC AA-T Programs: Psychology, Sociology, Studio Arts

Goal: Return College to a 4 year experience.
2 years at BC, 2 years at your transfer CSU!

The AA-T is a binding contract between you, your Community College AND your transfer CSU!

60 prescribed units at BC + 60 prescribed units at your transfer CSU (or 90 quarter units) = a Bachelor's Degree!

No last minute changes, no "We're sorry, we don't accept that course... etc..."

Besides the benefit of completing community college coursework with an associate degree in hand, this program will provide you with the necessary preparation to transfer to the CSU system and complete a baccalaureate degree. Students with an AA-T or AS-T degree receive admission priority and guaranteed admission with junior status to the CSU system, along with the ability to complete a baccalaureate degree with only 60 additional semester units (or 90 quarter units) in a degree program that has been deemed similar.

The Transfer Process


The program makes it possible - you make it happen. The new joint transfer program guarantees that you can transfer from a community college to a CSU. If you start community college ready to take college-level courses, you can complete your associate and bachelor’s degrees with only 120 total units of coursework.

Step 1: Complete an Associate Degree for Transfer at Bakersfield College.

Students working toward an Associate in Arts for Transfer (AA-T) or an Associate in Science for Transfer (AS-T) degree must complete 60 semester units (or 90 quarter units) of required general education coursework and major-specific lower division coursework. To be as competitive as possible, keep your grades up in community college and make sure you meet the admissions requirements for the CSU campus and the major that interests you, and submit all application materials by the posted deadlines.

Step 2: Arrange Your Transfer to a CSU.

With your AA-T or AS-T you are guaranteed admission into the California State University system, and may be given a GPA bump when applying to your local CSU campus or to a program or major similar to your associate degree. You will also be given the GPA advantage when applying to an impacted campus outside your local area, or to an impacted major that is similar. An AA-T or AS-T degree guarantees admission to a CSU, but not necessarily to a particular campus or major.

Step 3: Complete your Bachelor’s Degree at a CSU.

Transfer students enter the CSU system with junior standing. If you are admitted to a program deemed similar to your AA-T or AS-T, you will only need to complete 60 additional semester units (or 90 quarter units) to earn a bachelor’s degree and will not be required to repeat courses that are similar to those completed at the community college as part of your associate degree. To stay on schedule, make sure you stay enrolled at your campus, pass all of your classes and follow your education plan.

BC Students: READY...SET...GO!


See Helen Acosta to develop your education plan

  • Helen's office is in FA 49, across the hall from most COMM classes.
  • Office hours: MW: 11am-1pm, TTH: 10am-1pm. If none of these hours work for you send her an email to set an appointment:
  • The meeting will take as little as 10 minutes if you know your Student ID# and you are planning to transfer in a single major with the AA-T to a CSU.

Declare your major

  • Log in to Inside BC
  • On the top toolbar, select MyBanWeb
  • From the drop down, select Update Form
  • Update any other information that has changed since your last update.
  • Scroll down to the the bottom of the page and click "Submit update form"

Visit the transfer center (each term)


Apply to CSUs

Check emails and student portals frequently

Petition/apply for AA-T/AS-T degree

  • Contact the counseling department to file for graduation. Deadlines are:
    • Fall Graduation: Nov. 1
    • Spring Graduation: April 1
    • Summer Graduation: June 1

Meet CSU deadlines for AA-T/AS-T

Complete the FAFSA


Submit your intent to enroll

  • While not every CSU campus requires an intent to enroll, many do. Visit your chosen CSU website and find the link to their "intent to enroll" or "intent to register" page. Follow the directions in order to protect your priority status as a new student at the CSU.

Request final transcripts be sent to your CSU

Advice for speedy transfer

  1. Don't put off your Math or English classes. Over 80% of students enter BC under-prepared for their transfer-level math and english coursework. Take your Math and English Assessments AND get registered in classes leading to transfer in these two core subjects IMMEDIATELY! These 2 areas are troublesome for most students and often take several semesters to complete.
  2. Fulfill the GE requirements for CSU Breadth (AA-T) rather than going for a BC AA or IGETC. There are more course offerings at BC that fulfill the CSU requirements so you'll have more options when you are trying to fill your schedule each semester. End result: No waiting around extra semesters to complete transfer requirements!
  3. Take no more than 12 units per semester. Students who take more tend to get overwhelmed and their GPAs drop as a result.
  4. Take advantage of double counting. Many of our COMM courses also meet CSU General Education Requirements. While you'll still have to take 60 units before transfer, you'll have more latitude to explore options if you double count as many courses as possible. See the COMM AA-T worksheet for examples.
  5. Visit the BC Transfer Homepage for more tips on a speedy transfer.
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