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BC Blood Drives

BC Blood Drive, August 31, 2022Wednesday, August 31, 2022

9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Look for the Houchin Bus Near the Campus Center!


Donor Questionnaire link:  Must complete it the day of the blood donation

Schedule an appointment ahead of time:


Qualifying for Blood Donation and Common Concerns
Thank you for wanting to donate blood! Blood for human transfusion can only come from volunteer donors like you. We appreciate your commitment to saving lives! Please be aware of the following for your best blood donation experience.

Blood Donors Must:
• Be at least 16 years of age. 16-year-old donors must have a signed parental consent form to donate. The current form is available at > DONORS > PARENTAL CONSENT.
• Weigh 110 lbs
• Present a photo ID with date of birth (e.g. CDL, passport)
• Come prepared to donate by being well hydrated and fed. Eating foods high in iron should start 5-7 days before the donation, and hydration should begin the day before the donation. Water is the best form of hydration, and caffeine should be avoided as it dehydrates. These steps will improve your donation experience as you are more likely to have enough iron to donate and your veins will be prepared for donation. You will feel better and donate faster.
• Be free from all cold, flu, or symptoms of infection and be off antibiotics for 3 days prior to your donation.
• Most medications are acceptable. If taking medications, know the name and why you are taking it for your health history. The basic list of medicines that keep you from donating is available at > FAQ> ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS> MEDICATIONS.
• Be completely released from doctor’s care for current unresolved health issues.

Cancer Patients can often donate once they are cancer-free for 5 years. Diabetes and Hypertension do not rule you out.

Call for more information at (661) 323-4222 or visit

We look forward to seeing you!