Bakersfield College

Student Organizations

Student Clubs and Organizations (StudOrgs) serve a valuable and educational function offering students the opportunity to join in academic or professional, honor, political, service, social, cultural and/or spiritual groups, and societies. The students involved assume various leadership roles that provide insight to further the mission of the group and contribute to the personal development and enjoyment of members within the context of the broader teaching, research, and service missions of BC. These opportunities offer students a chance to become more involved with their campus community, adding an experiential component to their educational experience.

  1. Student Organizations: A StudOrg is an entity that is initiated and directed by a group of current Bakersfield College students who share a common vision in promoting an extra-curricular or co-curricular mission that enriches campus or community life and personal development. StudOrgs must be registered with the Office of Student Life in accordance with the StudOrg Conditions and Procedures listed in the "Registration" tab. 
  2. Membership: Active membership in registered StudOrgs shall be limited to registered students from the BC campuses (this includes the Delano campus). Active members may participate at all levels in the organization’s activities (beyond membership registration and payment of financial obligations) as determined by the organization. Membership shall be on a completely volunteer basis and shall not be the basis of academic credits nor shall any coercion be used forcefully to maintain membership. The designated Advisor and designees, of the StudOrg are considered a part of the StudOrg membership.
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