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If you are a high school student thinking about College, consider this: Someone with a Bachelor’s Degree earns nearly $1 million more over his or her lifetime than a high school graduate!

California Career Zone

California Career Zone is a website that allows students to explore not only potential careers but also themselves. One of the tools that students can find on this site is a personality assessment which can help them determine what their strongest personality traits are and can even link them to potential careers suited towards those traits. Students can also take a look at careers and explore various facts about them such as average pay, what is required to get the job, degrees to have before, and even look up colleges which offer those degrees. A unique feature of this website is that students can even take a glace at what budgeting their income would look like when working a particular position.

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Some schools within the Kern High School District also have access to an online database called Naviance. Naviance offers students assistance in planning their future by providing resources and information for careers, colleges, degrees, and even scholarships. Included it in are multiple personality assessments to help students find their strengths and provide them with potential careers they may find interesting.

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