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Photo of California Guided Pathways Advisory Committee

California Guided Pathways Project

Introduction to Guided Pathways Advisory Committee

The California Guided Pathways Advisory Committee brings together national and state educational leaders to support the integration of the guided pathways framework into the California Community College system. This Advisory Committee supported the current demonstration project and continues to support further guided pathways implementation.

To advance student success and completion statewide, Bakersfield College is working with leaders throughout the state to identify and implement a guided pathways framework for integrating the work we’re doing with Student Success and Support, Equity, the Basic Skills Initiative, Associate Degrees for Transfer, and other student success legislation in California.

Without the work of our various national partners—featured in the “Partnerships” tab of this website—the California Guided Pathways Project wouldn’t be possible. As our national and state leaders continue to work together, we are well-positioned to fully implement the Guided Pathways framework in community colleges throughout California.

For more information about Bakersfield College's implementation of guided pathways, visit our BC Pathways page. You can also learn more about the California Guided Pathways planning process and access resources on guided pathways implementation at the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges website.

Partnership Directory

Office of the Chancellor of California Community Colleges

Eloy Oakley

Eloy Oakley, Chancellor of California Community Colleges

Lynn Shaw

Lynn Shaw, California Community College Chancellor's Office - Strong Workforce

Van Ton-Quinlivan

Van Ton-Quinlivan, Vice Chancellor for Workforce and Economic Development

Laura Metune

Laura Metune, Vice Chancellor for External Relations

Academic Senate for California Community Colleges

Julie Bruno

Julie Bruno, President

Craig Rutan

Craig Rutan, Area D Representative

Virginia May

Virginia "Ginni" May, North Representative

Achieving the Dream

Karen Stout

Karen Stout, President & CEO

Paul Markham

Paul Markham, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships & Development

John Nixon

John Nixon, Leadership Coach

American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)

Kay McClenney

Kay McClenney, Senior Advisor to the President/CEO

Gretchen Schmidt

Gretchen Schmidt, Executive Director of the Pathways Project

Bakersfield College

Sonya Christian

Sonya Christian, President

Lesley Bonds

Lesley Bonds, Director of Student Success & AACC Team Facilitator

Nick Strobel

Nick Strobel, Faculty - Physical Sciences

Jessica Wojtysiak

Jessica Wojtysiak, Faculty - Education

Board of Governors for California Community Colleges

Arnoldo Avalos

Arnoldo Avalos

California Acceleration Project

Katie Hern

Katie Hern, Director

Myra Snell

Myra Snell, Math Lead

California Community College Chancellor’s Office

Eric Skinner

Eric Skinner, Interim Chancellor

Theresa Tena

Theresa Tena, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness

California State University Office of the Chancellor

Ken O'Donnell

Ken O'Donnell, Senior Director of Student Engagement

Dawn Digrius

Dawn Digrius, Senior Manager of CSU STEM Collaboratives

James T. Minor

James T. Minor, Senior Strategist for Academic Success

Campaign for College Opportunity

Michele Sisqueiros

Michele Siqueiros, President

Jessie Ryan

Jessie Ryan, Executive Vice President

Audrey Dow

Audrey Dow, Vice President of External Affairs and Operations

Career Ladders Project

Linda Collins

Linda Collins, Executive Director

Kris Palmer

Kris Palmer, Senior Director

Mina Dadgar

Mina Dadgar, Director of Research

Community College Research Center

Thomas Bailey

Thomas Bailey, Director

Davis Jenkins

Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Associate

Melinda Karp

Melinda Karp, Assistant Director

Educational Results Partnership

John Hetts

John Hetts, Senior Director of Data Science

Foundation for California Community Colleges

Keetha Mills

Keetha Mills, President/CEO

Melissa Conner

Melissa Conner, Chief Advancement Officer

Sandy Fried

Sandy Fried, Executive Director of the Student Success Center

Institute for Evidence Based Change

Brad Phillips

Brad Phillips, President/CEO

Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Initiative

Theresa Tena

Theresa Tena, Vice Chancellor for Institutional Effectiveness at CCCCO

Irvine Valley College

Glenn Roquemore

Glenn Roquemore, President

Robert Melendez

Robert Melendez, Chair - Counseling

Cathleen Greiner

Cathleen Greiner, Dean - Business and Online Education

Daniel DeRoulet

Daniel DeRoulet, Faculty - English

Mt. San Antonio College

Bill Scroggins

Bill Scroggins, President

Irene Malmgren

Irene Malmgren, Vice President of Instruction

Barbara McNeice-Stallard

Barbara McNeice-Stallard, Director of Research and Institutional Effectiveness

Jeff Archibald

Jeff Archibald, Faculty - Communication

National Center for Inquiry & Improvement

Rob Johnstone

Rob Johnstone, Founder and Director

Research & Planning Group

Gregory Stoup

Gregory Stoup, President Elect

Darla Cooper

Darla Cooper, Director of Research & Evaluation

Craig Hayward

Craig Hayward


Kathy Booth

Kathy Booth, Senior Research Associate

Butte-Glenn Community College District

Bill McGinnis

Bill McGinnis, Trustee

Santa Monica College

Louise Jaffe

Louise Jaffe, Trustee

Participating Organizations

College Futures Foundation
California Guided Pathways
California Community College Chancellor's Office


Irvine Valley College
Mt. San Antonio College
Bakersfield College


American Association of Community Colleges
Academic Senate for California Community Colleges
Achieving the Dream


California Acceleration Project
Campaign for College Opportunity
Career Ladders Project


Community College Research Center
Educational Results Partnership
Institute for Evidence Based Change


Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Institute
National Center for Inquiry and Improvement
The RP Group


Success Center for California Community Colleges

Pathways Videos

Advisory Committee Resources

October 24th, 2017

September 27th, 2017

April 27th, 2017

March 22nd, 2017

February 16th, 2017

January 30th, 2017

December 19th, 2016

October 11th, 2016

June 29th, 2016

Resources and Materials

Basic Resources

Statewide Presentations

Date Information/Resources
January 31st, 2018
LA Mission College
Guided Pathways: No More Paths to Nowhere
Presenter: Jennifer Johnson
October 19th, 2017
Cabrillo, CA
Guided Pathways: No More Paths to Nowhere
Presenters: Jennifer Johnson, Jessica Wojtysiak
August 10th, 2017
Moorpark, CA
No More Paths to Nowhere: Guided Pathways at Bakersfield College
Presenters: Lesley Bonds, Nick Strobel
June 11-16th, 2017
Lake Arrowhead, CA

BSILI Leadership for Curricular and Institutional Transformation Conference
Bakersfield College's Guided Pathways Change Process
Presenter: Janet Fulks

May 22nd, 2017
Fresno, CA
Institutional Development for Equity, Access and Success Summit
Presenters: Jennifer Johnson and Janet Fulks
March 22-24th, 2017
Los Angeles, CA

Chief Student Services Officers Annual Conference
Guided Pathways Keynote Speaker: Tom Bailey

February 21st, 2017
San Francisco, CA
Achieving the Dream (Part I and II)
Early High School Engagement: A Plan That Produces Student Success
Presenters: Lesley Bonds, Grace Commiso and Steve Watkin
Transforming the Remedial Pathway for Success: A Holistic View of the Student Pathway
Presenters: Kimberly Bligh, Keri Kennedy, Dr. Erica Menchaca and Jessica Wojtysiak
January 28th, 2017
Sacramento, CA
Presentation to new California Community College Trustees
Presenter: Sonya Christian
January 26th, 2017 IEPI Pathways Workshop
Presenters: Sonya Christian, Marcy Alancraig, Jeff Archibald
January 25th, 2017
Newport, CA
AACC Annual Workforce and Economic Development Pre-Conference Workshop
Presenters: Kay McClenney, Rob Johnstone, Sonya Chrstian
January 17-18th, 2017
Sacramento, CA
Presentation to California Community College Board of Governors
Presenter: Sonya Christian
November 16th, 2016
Riverside, CA

CCLC Pre-Convention Guided Pathways Workshop for CEOs
Presenter: Kay McClenney

November 3rd, 2016
Orange County, CA

Academic Senate Presentations: Guided Pathways Lunch, Plenary and Breakout Session
Moderator: Julie Bruno
Presenters: Sonya Christian, Bill Scroggins, Jeff Archibald

October 7th, 2016
Anaheim, CA
RP Student Success Conference Post-Conference Workshop on Guided Pathways
Hosted by Career Ladders
Presenter: Sonya Christian
Kern Community College District