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Photo of California Guided Pathways Advisory Committee

California Guided Pathways Project

Introduction to Guided Pathways Advisory Committee

The California Guided Pathways Advisory Committee brings together national and state educational leaders to support the integration of the guided pathways framework into the California Community College system. This Advisory Committee supported the current demonstration project and continues to support further guided pathways implementation.

To advance student success and completion statewide, Bakersfield College is working with leaders throughout the state to identify and implement a guided pathways framework for integrating the work we’re doing with Student Success and Support, Equity, the Basic Skills Initiative, Associate Degrees for Transfer, and other student success legislation in California.

Without the work of our various national partners—featured in the “Partnerships” tab of this website—the California Guided Pathways Project wouldn’t be possible. As our national and state leaders continue to work together, we are well-positioned to fully implement the Guided Pathways framework in community colleges throughout California.

For more information about Bakersfield College's implementation of guided pathways, visit our BC Pathways page. You can also learn more about the California Guided Pathways planning process and access resources on guided pathways implementation at the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges website.