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Business Management/Information Technology

The Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT) Department encompasses the areas of Business Administration and Computer Science. BMIT strives to promote and enhance the economic development of the community; to provide for lifelong learning and academic excellence through course content, application and technology; to serve diverse populations with a sense of worth and dignity; to establish work ethics relative to a positive work environment; to meet workforce needs through skills development, training and personal growth; and to communicate a sense of vision and renewal through a creative utilization of productive and innovative resources.

Business Administration

Business Administration offers a variety of Associate Degrees, Certificates and classes to assist you on a career path in the world of business. Whether you are looking to advance in your current career, start your career, or begin on a path to a four-year degree, we offer programs to lead you in the right direction for General Business, Retail Management, Accounting and more. See our BMIT Degrees & Certificates or the Current Catalog for all that Bakersfield College offers.

Computer Science

Careers in computer related fields are on the rise. From computer related fields such as Computer Engineering, Network Engineering and to Computer Support, Computer Systems Analysis and Network Security start on your path for a computer related profession with a certificate or degree in Computer Science from Bakersfield College.