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Bakersfield College

A row of biology textbooks

Biology Faculty

Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Joe Saldivar Professor, Biology; Department Chair (661) 395-4099
SE 49D
Melissa Berube Associate Professor, Biology (661) 395-4827
SE 43C
Tatevik Broutian Professor, Biology (661) 395-3525
SE 49E
Ashley Choate Professor, Biology (661) 395-4827
SE 49A
Katherine Ganster Professor, Biology (661) 395-4725
SE 49B
Milena Lilles Assistant Professor, Biology (661) 395-4687
SE 32
Kimberly Newton Professor, Biology (661) 395-4409
SE 41
Chad Newton Professor, Biology (661) 395-4889
MS 15A
Scott Peat Professor, Biology (661) 395-4329
SE 36
William Rockey Professor, Biology (661) 395-4512
SE 43B
Isabel Stierle Professor, Biology (661) 395-4234
SE 43A
Emily Wilson Professor, Biology (661) 395-4449
SE 49C
Rebecka Zepeda Professor, Biology (661) 395-4401
Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
LaFrance Daniels Jr. Adjunct Faculty, Biology
Monica Hernandez Adjunct Faculty, Biology
Margaret Hill-Crim Adjunct Faculty, Biology (661) 395-4231
Erica Mullins Adjunct Faculty, Biology
Sarah O'connor Adjunct Faculty, Biology
SE 32
Support Staff
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Alma-Rita Holanday Laboratory Technician (661) 720-2023
DST Lab Prep Room
Esmeralda Martinez Laboratory Technician
SE 40
Eduardo Vite Laboratory Technician (661) 395-3565
SE 40
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Stephen Waller Dean of Instruction, Math, Science and Engineering (661) 395-4231
SE 57