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California Golden PoppyThe mission of the Bakersfield College Biology Department is to establish high quality science education, instilling discipline competencies for students in the vocational education, general education, and transfer pathways supported by BC biology curriculum.

The BC Biology Department pedagogical strategies value active learning, field experience, critical thinking, and exposure to professional and research biological activities.

Biology faculty are dedicated to providing rigorous biology education that is responsive to our diverse institutional and community needs.

Want to be a High School Science Teacher?

student desks Did you know that as a math or science major, you could qualify for up to $27,000 worth of funding if you decide to become a high school math or science teacher? In order to meet the demand for highly qualified teachers in the state of California, the Math and Science Teacher Initiative (MSTI) at CSU, Bakersfield offers up to $8,000 in stipends while you are working towards your undergraduate degree.

Once you become a teacher, you could receive up to $19,000 worth of forgivable loans through the state's APLE program. Additionally, the MSTI program also pays for the various costs incurred while obtaining clearance towards your teaching credential.

For more information

Program director: Andrea L. Medina, M.A.

Science III, 2nd Floor, Room 244
(661) 654-3006
(661) 654-3296 fax
Office Hours: Mon- Fri 8am- 4pm

Kit foxes

San Joaquin Kit Fox

Vulpes macrotis mutica

The San Joaquin kit fox is one of the most endangered animals in California. The kit fox is the size of a house cat, with big ears, a long bushy tail and furry toes that help to keep it cool in the hot and dry Central Valley environment.