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Bakersfield College

Students in line for SGA voting

File for Elections

Filing for a BCSGA Elected Position opens Monday, February 3, 2020, and closes Thursday, March 5, 2020, at 5:30 p.m. 

Enclosed in this packet you will find information that is vital to running for an elected office. Please read this packet, the BCSGA Constitution, and the Codes of the Bakersfield Renegade Association (COBRA) carefully. You will be held responsible for information contained within all of these documents. Also, remember that as a candidate you are responsible for the actions of anyone campaigning on your behalf, so make sure that all of your campaign staff is familiar with this information. Please note that this packet does not discuss all aspects of the Elections Code. You are responsible for obtaining and understanding the Elections Code.  

  1. BCSGA Elections Candidate Packet
  2. BCSGA Elections Code
  3. BCSGA Elections Candidates Meeting PowerPoint
  4. BCSGA Elections Filing Form 

Should you have questions regarding this material or the elections process, ask before the campaigning begins. During the entire elections process, the BCSGA Elections Chair (BCSGA Advisor) should remain your only source for clarification of questions, issues, concerns, etc. The Bakersfield College Director of Student Life is deemed as the BCSGA Advisor. All application materials must be turned in to the Office of Student Life front desk located in the Campus Center, Room 4. Please have materials with personal information sealed in an envelope and make copies of all paperwork being submitted for your records. Your envelope will be stamped with time and date upon receipt. The BCSGA Elections Commission and the Director of Student Life reserve the right to alter the 2018 BCSGA Elections Candidate Packet as necessary. For any questions, contact the Director of Student Life at studentlife@bakersfieldcollege.edu.

Requirements for an Elected Officer

According to California Ed Code 76061, a student who is elected to serve as an officer in the student government of a community college shall meet both of the following requirements:

  1. The student shall be enrolled in the community college at the time of the election, and throughout his or her term, with a minimum of five-semester units, or its equivalent.
  2. The student shall meet and maintain the minimum standards of scholarship prescribed for community college students by the community college district.

Filing Eligibility

  1. Each candidate should have completed at least twelve (12) units of coursework through Bakersfield College.
  2. Each candidate must have a cumulative Bakersfield College GPA of at least (2.0).
  3. Incumbent candidates should have completed and passed twelve (12) units during the course of the past instructional year that they held office.
  4. All candidates declared ineligible to run shall be notified by the BCSGA Advisor.
  5. Any candidate on disciplinary, academic, or social probation will not be eligible for candidacy unless otherwise permitted by the Director of Student Life.
  6. All candidates may hold office for a maximum of four semesters (fall and spring).
  7. No candidate shall serve on the Elections Committee.
  8. Candidates may only file for one office at a time.
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