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Congratulations to the FY19 BCSGA Student Government Officers
President-elect James Tompkins
Vice President-elect Ashley Nicole Harp
Senator-elect Jose Aguilar
Senator-elect Danielle Ackenheil
Senator-elect Hunter Bishop
Senator-elect Theresa Burley
Senator-elect Christopher Cruz
Senator-elect Danny Escobar
Senator-elect Alanee Esparza
Senator-elect Jose E Lopez
Senator-elect Samantha Pulido
Senator-elect Diego Santana Reynoso
Senator-elect Elisabeth Sampson
Senator-elect Joshua Ryan Torres 

Candidates for BCSGA President

David Litton

David Litton

Major: International Development Studies and Biology
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Education is investing in Our Futures. College campus has a wonderful vibration, full of people striving to better themselves. David Litton hopes to contribute positively to the creation of an atmosphere where We may All endeavor to add a little brightness to the World about Us. Litton believes BC is Our place where We come to polish our Minds and prepare our Craft for the World. "They should learn beforehand the knowledge which they will require for their art." - Plato   BC is a wonderful community of Students, Educators, Advisers, Workers, Artists, and Craftspeople. Each and every Person here has a Hope & Dream. He believes that We will endeavor to create a healthy and happy community to support each other towards Our goals. "The world is a progressively realized community of interpretation." – Royce. We aim to create an environment where One may comfortably pursue Happiness through higher-education. At BC, he shares, many of Us are exploring the depths of knowledge and creativity made possible through Our studies. May We move ever closer to the People We wish to Become.
Involvement: Red Cross, Member and University of California, Los Angeles, Alumni

James Tompkins

James Tompkins

Major: Psychology
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James Tompkins is a sophomore student at BC. He values greatly the opportunities that have been given to him since becoming a Renegade and has been driven to run for the BCSGA Office of the President. During his time here, Tompkins has been exposed to an abundance of ideas, cultures, and beliefs in an amazingly welcoming environment. It will be his first priority as BCSGA President to ensure that this continues for future Renegades of all cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. If elected, he would like to advocate for the expansion of the BC Equity Plan to include system impacted and formerly incarcerated students. He will continue to look at the expansion of the Renegade Food Pantry program to serve more of our struggling students. If voted in as your next president, he promises to vehemently, accurately, and passionately represent the Renegade student body, to the best of his ability; while, advocating forcefully for those that are underrepresented.
Involvement: Free on the Outside, Member; and BCSGA, Senator FY18

Candidates for BCSGA Vice-President

Ashley Harp

Ashley Harp

Major: Political Science
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Ashley Harp states, "You won't be disappointed."
Involvement: BCSGA, Senator FY18; and Marley's Mutts, Volunteer

Juan Trejo

Juan Trejo

Major: Psychology
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Juan Trejo builds bridges, not barriers. He is a strong believer in unity and empowerment. Being able to have such a position in student government would give him a platform to voice the opinions of his fellow peers, as an officer should. He is motivated, driven, persistent, and enthusiastic. It is important for public servants to be transparent and he is as real as it gets and students deserve a leader they can trust and depend on. Not only does he possess the qualities to lead, he has the ability to represent. He wants to successfully create links with the community and assure them that they matter. People of different cultures, interests, experiences, viewpoints, etc., he is ready to connect and create a strong and unified campus.

Candidates for BCSGA Senator

Jose Aguilar

Jose Aguilar  

Major: Philosophy
Email  |  Facebook  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Jose Aguilar is a dedicated and diligent student with success on his mind. He wants to make Bakersfield College an amazing experience for all those who wish to explore all that BC has to offer. 
Involvement: BCSGA, Senator FY18; and on the Dean's List 

Danielle Marie Ackenheil

Danielle Ackenheil

Major: Communication
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To be a senator means to always serve with integrity. It means to always do the best thing for the people as a whole, showing empathy and compassion while also taking the highest safety level possible.

Hunter Bishop

Hunter Bishop

Major: Political Science and History
Email  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Hunter Bishop is a Political Science major who is not only passionate about learning the governmental process, but also participating in it. She believes that it is extremely important to be the voice of a student body, and will do everything she can to let the campus be heard. Her mission is to help create a positive environment in which students feel safe and are given the opportunity to prosper. 
Involvement: BCSGA, Senator FY18

Theresa Burley Pic

Theresa Burley  

Major: Healthcare Management   
Email  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Seeking election upon getting involved with Bakersfield College and putting in oneself’s critical thinking and motivation.  Creating better ideas for Bakersfield College student’s safety, parking structure, cleanliness of entire school, creating more awareness for people to enroll in college.
Involvement: Jesus Shack, Back to School, and MDA organizations, Fundraiser

Chris Cruz Pic

Christopher Cruz   

Major: Business Administration
Email  |  Facebook  |  Instagram  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Christopher Cruz would like to be a BCSGA Senator because he would like to hear from students and their opinions of how to make our campus better and stronger.
Involvement: BCSGA, Director of Student Organizations and Legislative Manager; and Measure J, Volunteer

Danny Escobar Pic

Danny Escobar   

Major: Plant Science 
Email  |  Facebook  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Danny Escobar is a full-time student majoring in plant science. He is President of the Bakersfield college agriculture club. 
Involvement: BC Ag Club, President

Alanee Esparza Pic

Alanee Esparza

Major: Psychology 
Email  |  Instagram  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
This is Alanee Esparza's first year on campus and is involved with Scholarship Seekers Club as the treasurer on Campus and is also a Kern Promise Student. 
Involvement: Scholarship Seekers Club, Treasurer 

Jose Lopez Pic

Jose E Lopez

Major: Communication
Email  |  Facebook  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Even though Bakersfield College has over 30,000 students on-campus, how many of them participate in college-related activates? According to Julie Mayfield from US News, “It allows students to become connected to their school: Colleges are full of resources, but the responsibility is on the student to seek them out. Being involved helps them to do that." This relates to BC because as a college it sees many students on a daily basis. There is a correlation with students that participate in student activities and students who do not. If we are to want the success of our students, we must take care of this aspect in a student’s life. We must have ongoing activities for our students to participate in. A class is half the battle. The other half is the social connection because much of college learning happens outside the classroom. Jose Eduardo Lopez will bring fresh new ideas on how to go about improving the student experience at Bakersfield College. He will vote on legislation that will make a positive impact on the student’s experience. To be a complete student, one must have both fun, along with homework time, to be a cohesive student college. 
Involvement: M.E.Ch.A., Member; and Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Member

Samantha Pulido

Samantha Pulido

Major: Computer Science
Email  |  Facebook  |  Twitter  |  Instagram  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Samantha Pulido is a first-year student who is majoring in Computer Science and is now running for a Senator position. She has prior experience being multiple club officers at a time while maintaining good work ethic within each club and keeping a high GPA. Her goal as Senator in the Bakersfield College Student Government Association is to establish a stronger relationship between the student population and student government, which will enable greater communication on ideas from students that may enhance Bakersfield College’s community. She looks forward working with fellow Bakersfield College students to be able to hear any of their concerns or suggestions, which she will bring up to each Senator meeting. One of her priorities of being a Senator will be making sure that the student population of Bakersfield College has a strong voice in the student senate. As Senator, she will work hard and be dedicated to her work to ensure that the Bakersfield College students are being heard.
Involvement: Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA), Member

Diego Reynoso Pic

Diego Santana Reynoso

Major: Business Administration  
Email  |  Facebook  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Diego Santana Reynoso is interested in being the voice for all of the students who struggle to keep up with their school workload. As well as the students who feel like they don’t belong. His goal as a BCSGA Senator is to help create a better learning environment for all.
Involvement: Free on the Outside, Member; and Alternatives to Violence Project

Elisabeth Sampson Pic

Elisabeth Sampson

Major: English
Email  |  Facebook  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
Elisabeth Sampson is interested in representing.

Joshua Torres Pic


Joshua Ryan Torres

Major: Psychology
Email  |  Letter of Intent  |  Resume
This is Joshua Ryan Torres' first-year at Bakersfield College and he believes that BCSGA plays a very important role on our campus.
 Involvement: Scholarship Seekers Club, Member

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