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Students in line for SGA voting

Meet the Candidates

Candidates for BCSGA President

Elections Photo of Gian GayataoGian Gayatao
Major: Psychology
Involvement: BCSGA, LUPE, InterVarsity, Ag Club, Pre-Law Club, Phi Theta Kappa

I am interested in running for the Student Government Association to fully serve the affairs of the students at Bakersfield College. Just like any official governing body, I believe that the main purpose of B.C. 's student government is to work relentlessly for who it serves, which is the entire student body. I would like to emphasize honesty and transparency so that the student government can lay the groundwork to completely address and successfully meet student needs, concerns, and ambitions. I want to be a part of something greater than myself, and I find that exactly in BCSGA. I have the opportunity to leave a legacy that will last down the road and to build relationships that will help me become a better overall student, leader and person.

I believe that my knowledge and experiences that I gained as BCSGA Senator this year have valuably helped me in gaining a vision that encompasses the present state of the whole campus. Through student government, I found my ultimate passion in life - public service - and there is no place I would rather be to have the precious opportunity to build a better future and impart a lasting impact at Bakersfield College. In addition to my familiarity with the association, I believe that my heart is what fundamentally defines me as a person; I give my all in everything that I love and I do, and I consistently find something to work on in every single blessed day. Great things come from hardwork and perseverance and there are simply no excuses.

Bakersfield College has a student government in order to maintain the integrity, security, and welfare of the student body as they pursue the success of their educational careers. Its purpose is to ensure that the organizations of the school are fully and truthfully providing services that can be appreciated by the students and faculty of the college.

I aim to bring a positive face to the Renegade Community who will never get tired of fighting for their needs and aspirations. To me, the most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great in whatever they want to do.



Elections Photo of David LittonDavid Litton
Major: Music & Biology
Involvement: College Choir, Renegade Men's Choir

I am interested in the office of the President as I would like to better understand and contribute to the beautification of the community surrounding Bakersfield College and provide a safe environment for people to better themselves through education. Throughout the course of my own education I have learned that the important lesson is : I have the ability and desire to learn. Being around others who also want to learn and improve themselves through education feels comforting and inspiring to me, and I would like to help make the community even nicer, more comfortable and accessible.

        I am a people-person and enjoy meeting and conversing with others in the community. I seek to provide help and assistance when I can, as I have benefited greatly from the service of others and enjoy paying it forward.  I am learning time-management and prioritization which I imagine are integral in this position. I am empathetic and can imagine the struggles that some of our peers might be facing in pursuing their education. I have struggled through the college process, and have learned to thrive in this environment. I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with those it may benefit.  Bakersfield College has a student government in order to represent the student population. There are over 19,000 students at the main campus alone; each who has individual wants and needs, but perhaps little voice. The student government brings a voice to the students, and creates a sense of community. 

I bring a heart of joy and a mind that loves to learn. Many smiles and a sense of well-being. I am a representation of  health, from the inside out, and try to be a good example of a positive role-model. I endeavor to make everything I come into contact with better, more beautiful; this is my Art.


Elections Photo of Alex MitchellAlex Mitchell
Major: Anthropology
Involvement: NAACP, Board of Association of Realtors

My interest in becoming President is to be more involved with my fellow peers and collegial activities. Whilst providing legislative support on behalf of Bakersfield College students for a better collegial experience. I believe I am capable of fulfilling the demands of this position due to my diverse, unbiased, organized, self motivated, and goal oriented mindset. I am very prideful in the United States and Student body government, and wish to implement myself to better give overall support and an actionable voice for my Bakersfield college peers. I have sat on committees in the past, and believe I can be an asset to the BCSGA in further evolving their stand for equality & participation. I believe the BCSGA has been established to be a sound voice for all BC students without discrimination; Furthermore, to be a body of peers that will work to assure programs are run respectfully and properly for the betterment of the people. This is my belief in the BCSGA…

Candidates for BCSGA Vice-President


Elections Photo of Danny EscobarDanny Escobar
Major: Plant Science
Involvement: BCSGA, Ag Club, Free on the Outside Club

As a member of BCSGA, I have chaired Senate meetings, and I have served as the Student representative on various Bakersfield college committees. I feel as part of BCSGA I've been able to make a positive difference on campus and would like to continue to serve the Student Body of Bakersfield College.

I possess the skills required for the position of BCSGA Vice President. I have strong leadership skills, I can also work well as part of a team. I’m always willing to help when asked. I’m responsible and reliable.  As the current BCSGA Vice President I have experience. I know the duties of the Vice President and how to fulfill them. The purpose of BCSGA is to be the voice of the Student Body and to represent them both on campus and in the community. I will bring a strong sense of Renegade Pride, and a lot of school spirit. As well as the desire to make BC a positive, rewarding, and enjoyable experience for each student during their time at BC



Elections Photo of Emma McNellisEmma McNellis
Major: Philosophy
Involvement: BCSGA, Inter-Club Council, 

I am interested in running for Bakersfield College Student Government because I want to be a part of change on campus. I want to use this position to help make this an even better place for students to grow and learn, and bring as many opportunities to help students achieve their goals as possible. I hope to use my position as Vice President to help improve not only our campus, but our
entire community. Everyone who wants to learn should have the opportunities and resources to do so, and I’d be honored to use my position to help bring awareness to the resources Bakersfield College already has, and also to implement new resources for the community.

I am in my second semester here at Bakersfield College, and I have been serving as an elected BCSGA Senator for the entirety of my time here at BC. I also serve as the Region V Vice Chair for the Student Senate for California Community Colleges. I have gained invaluable experience, skills, and relationships from my time as a Senator and Vice Chair. Aside from these experiences, I am also personally very skilled in conveying complex problems or messages in a more simple, more understandable manner, something I see as important when trying to convey governmental issues to the student body. I am also considered a very understanding and outgoing person, and I always want to hear what others have to say, which significantly aids me when it comes to working effectively as a team. It also means I am extremely open to any forms of criticism, in fact I welcome criticism, as I see it as an opportunity for growth. I was also privileged enough to be chosen to be a part of the We the People Program at Centennial High School, a program which helped improve many key skills that can help me be successful in this position. Important skills including public speaking, civil discourse, researching, and opinion forming.

Bakersfield College has a student government to ensure that the student body has a strong and effective voice when it comes to making governmental decisions. It acts as a legal entity where students are able to effectively work alongside the staff to make worthwhile changes to the campus.

I hope that I am given the opportunity to bring my enthusiasm and dedication for this position to the community. I also hope to bring my commitment to improving my campus and my love and respect for the governmental process to my position. Additionally, my open-minded and driven mindset can pose a very strong addition to the Renegade Community as BCSGA Vice President


Candidates for Senator

Elections Photo of Blandine DumouchBlandine Dumoch
Major: Biology

I wish to propose my candidature for the position of Senator at Bakersfield College. I feel a certain sense of familiarity towards this area already, and am under the impression that I could contribute positively to the Senate at Bakersfield College. I am a highly motivated person in most aspects of my life, and I intend on dedicating the same amount of energy towards the duty of Senator.

I think that my record at Bakersfield College shows the level of motivation and hard work that I am equipped with naturally. If you allow me to exert this duty at the Student Government, I can confidently assert that I will do everything that is required of me, and hopefully much more.





Renegade photoDaniela Martinez
Major: Construction Management
Involvement: BCSGA, Community Colleges Complete Count

I am running for re-election for a senator position here on campus I love being involved and helping to make a difference on campus whether it is helping with activities or spreading the word of services and trying to make SGA sticker sales in my classes talking about discounts and free scantrons with the purchase of the sticker. Outreach on education in local middle schools about B.C education and SGA programs in high schools.

I have great communication skills and time management skills. I can apply all these to making time to do outreach go to classes and still attend SGA meetings. I have been doing this so far this semester while managing Census outreach and 6 classes and SGA hours and meetings.

Bakersield College has a student governmentto act and speak on behalf of the students here on campus speak for rights and help access services for the students. I can bring in new ideas for student involvement and better assist students throught making votes on bills to pass through the senate.


Candidates for KCCD Student Trustee

Elections Photo of Rayven Acosta-WebbRayven Acosta-Webb
Major: Communications
Involvement: BCSGA, California Pin-ups and Patriots


I'm interested in running for BCSGA Student Trustee because I strongly believe that the students collective voice should always be represented, especially at the level of the District. I also represented the colleges in this position previously and while I started out well, I had a life changing event that didn't allow me to finish as strongly as I had hoped. My hope is to continue my success as I did before but more importantly to do better.

The skills I believe I have that would make me successful for this position is my previous experience, along with being an on campus student, an online student, a returning student and a DSPS student. I hope that with these many experiences I can represent a large portion of the colleges and for those I don't represent, I wish to use my skills with communication to align with their needs, op[inions and gain their insight. 

Like may colleges the BCSGA has a main purpose. This purpose is to offer students unparalleled opportunities to develop leadership skills and participate in policy-making. Those students elected for positions have a role in which they must maintain a collective voice of their perrs and wield their power to make real changes on campus as a service to their community.

I hope to bring the BC Renegade Community balance. To balance the competing priorities and responsibilities of the college to its students. To identify problems and generate creative solutions, address issues with different groups, consider multiple opinions, build consensus; and above all navigate and learn from success and failure.

2020 BCSGA Elections Ballot Measures

2020 BCSGA Elections Ballot Measures H: Student Health Fee Increase

Currently, the KCCD Board of Trustees does require students be assessed a mandatory student health fee. If the fee increase is not approved, the Bakersfield College Student Health and Wellness Center will not be able to support the increase in health supervision and services, including direct or indirect medical and hospitalization services, or the operation of a student health center.

2020 BCSGA Elections Ballot Measures T: Implementation of the Student Transportation Fee

Currently, the KCCD Board of Trustees does not require students to be assessed a mandatory transportation student fee, thus no city or local transportation services are provided to students.  If the new fee is not approved, the Bakersfield College Transportation Student Fee will not be accessible and no transportation services will be provided. If the new fee is approved, the fee will be effective July 1, 2020, providing transportation services which may include Golden Empire Transit (GET Bus), Kern Transit, and the Executive Express (Renegade Shuttle Services). The passing of this new student fee will allow unlimited access to daily commuters, access to rural Kern, inter-city bus routes, shuttle services between campus sites in Bakersfield, and parking on-campus. 

Kern Community College District