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Executive Branch Officers

Photo of Ashley Nicole Harp

Ashley Nicole Harp

BCSGA Acting President
Major: Political Science
Ashley Nicole Harp is a second-year student with aspirations of getting involved in politics.


  • Free on the Outside (FOTO)
  • Pre-Law Club
  • ASL Club

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Increase awareness and communication
  • Increase political efficacy
  • Increase student involvement in activities

Andrea LopezPhoto of Andrea Lopez

BCSGA Director of Student Organizations
Major: Astrophysics & Computer Science
Andrea Lopez is an Astrophysics and Computer Science major, with experience establishing and running on-campus organizations. She is also involved in many off-campus organizations that work alongside the city and county.


  • Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
  • Electrical Engineering Club
  • Kern Astronomical Society
  • VEX Robotics
  • Youth 2 Leader Education Foundation

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Work alongside student organizations to keep our students engaged on campus
  • Assist with keeping student organizations well established and ensure their future prosperity
  • Promote student involvement on and off campus

Mustafa BarrajPhoto of Mustafa Barraj

BCSGA Director of Legislative Affairs

Major: English, Political Science
Mustafa Barraj is a Sophomore student who has been heavily involved in BCSGA. He holds an Associates Degree in English and is currently earning another in Political Science. He is looking forward to representing the students of BC and getting to know other students around the region.


  • BC Free on the Outside (F.O.T.O.) Club
  • M.E.Ch.A.
  • Rotaract

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Represent BC and its students at Region V meeting and Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC)
  • Bring a more diverse crowd of guest speakers for Power Lunches 
  • Ensure that students have a deeper understanding of the political figures in their community

Beth HilbePhoto of Beth Hilbe

BCSGA Director of Student Activities

Major: Forestry
Beth Hilbe is a Forestry AS-T major meaning she will transfer from BC with her Forestry AS but once she transfers to CSUB she will be pursuing Environmental Resource Management tailored towards Forestry. She enjoys being outdoors and engaged in an activity. She is always looking for ways to help people smile. She is also very good at looking at things from different angles. She is a mother, wife, daughter, sister, student, and friend. If she is not at school she is with family or someplace in the trees!


  • Ag Club

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Create a fun, enjoyable environment for our students
  • Have many enjoyable activities for students to partake in and hopefully find some fun while studying hard
  • I am a second year student at BC I am majoring in Kinesiology to one day be a physical therapist.Increase student awareness of all the fun and helpful places BC provides for their students

Armando DimasPhoto of Armando Dimas, BCSGA

BCSGA Student Activities Manager

Major: Nursing/Radiology Technology
My name is Armando Dimas am a nursing / rad tech major who enjoys being involved in school Activities and counsel meetings. My favorite things to do are play soccer, work, and run meetings.

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • To improve my knowledge of the COBRA
  • To improve my knowledge in my position responsibilities
  • To do good in all my classes 

Johnny MaddonPhoto of Johnny Maddon

BCSGA Director of Finance

Major: Kinesiology

I am a second year student at BC. I am majoring in Kinesiology to one day be a physical therapist.

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Promote the KVC StickerFinish my Associates Degree

Lee CaldwellPhoto of Lee Caldwell

BCSGA StudOrg Funding Manager

Lee L. Caldwell is a Veteran, born and raised in Bakersfield. Lee is married to his beautiful wife, Connie, and they have 4 children. He was a Tank System Mechanic and Infantry Soldier, and was medically retired after 17 years of service in the Army. He has 3 overseas deployments, a year each, in South Korea 2001, Iraq 2005, and Kosovo 2010. Lee is currently pursuing his associates in Business Administration at Bakersfield College. He has been actively involved with the BC Veterans Club, was Treasurer in 2016-2017, and on the Veterans Fest Committee in 2016 and 2018. 

Goals for this year:

  • Getting the clubs utilizing the SOF Grant awards for the benefit of their organizations
  • Get student clubs more involved with one another
  • Work on more collaboration with clubs to be involved with the Vet Fest this Year.

James Tompkins

BCSGA President on Leave of Absence

Legislative Branch Officers

Samantha PulidoPhoto of Samantha Pulido

BCSGA Interim Vice President

Paul Coffman

BCSGA Senator 01

Danny EscobarPhoto of Danny Escobar

BCSGA Senator 02

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BCSGA Senator 03

Photo of Hunter Bishop

Hunter Bishop

BCSGA Senator 04
Major: Political Science
As a Political Science major, I can definitely say that government is my passion. I strive to be the voice of a body and will do my absolute best at communicating the needs of students. Legislation will be implemented as effectively as possible to best represent Bakersfield College.

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Contribute positively to student life and wellness
  • Fair legislation that is representative of the student body
  • Create a Debate Club

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BCSGA Senator 05


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BCSGA Senator 06


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BCSGA Senator 07

Elisabeth SampsonPhoto of Elisabeth Sampson

BCSGA Senator 08
Major: English

I never liked describing myself. I feel that words or even a picture cannot possibly come close to telling the truth of the person they are trying to describe. In fact, I wrote a poem about that subject. However, I am going to try so here I go… I will ignore describing my physical aspects since I provided a picture in the past. Besides, I have always thought that physical appearance was not as important as “inner beauty” which is something that I strive for. As for my personality, I took the Myers-Briggs personality test not too long ago and learned that I was an INFP (The Mediator) so if you want to know about my personality, it is described pretty well on the website. Some history on me: I have lived in Bakersfield my whole life. Just to clarify, that will be 20 years in September. I only attended public school for 2 years. That is because from 2nd-8th grade I was homeschooled and then for high school attended private school. While I was in 8th grade, I joined 4-H because my mom wanted me to associate more with other kids my age. I am glad that she introduced me to it because I don’t know what my life would be without it. I became very involved with the leadership aspect of it, achieving the highest level at the county level, a position called All-Star. Sadly, I aged out last December. My history with 4-H was the reason I even considered running for the Senator position at BC. As you may have discerned by now, I possess the skill of writing. My love for writing and reading is the reason that I am an English major. One day, I will officially publish all that I have wrote. To add to the list of things I love, that would also include: food, Disney, and musicals. Humorously in relation to food, in my classes, I am known as the girl who eats. A guy in one of my classes told me that he could easily win a bet if he made one about me eating in class every day. I agreed. As for my love for Disney, it is official since I took a quiz and was labeled a Disney superfan. My love for musicals is very much related to my love for Disney, however, it also stems from my love for music itself. I could not live without music. Well, I think I have gone on about myself enough. If you want to know more about me, just come up to me and ask. I may give you a suspicious look but will gladly answer any questions…


  • Member of Youth Group - Cross Trainers
  • 4-H

Goals for the Term in Office:

  • Survive. College is hard
  • Participate in the events at BC
  • Be the best me I can be
  • Transfer out after the spring semester

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BCSGA Senator 09

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BCSGA Senator 10

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BCSGA Senator 11

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BCSGA Senator 12



Photo of Dr. Nicky P. Damania

Dr. Nicky Damania

BCSGA Advisor

Aliyah KhanPhoto of Aliyah Khan

BCSGA Executive Secretary

Charlynn Patricio

BCSGA Executive Secretary