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Join Your Student Government as a BCSGA Officer

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Would you like to be part of governing body that serves and voices students' opinions!? Do you want to be part of a team that hosts phenomenal activities and events for the students!? Then BCSGA is the place for you to be.Impact our community!

» File for Election to a vacant Student Senator seat of the BCSGA Student Senate.

» Apply for an appointed position in BCSGA.

  1. Student Organization Funding Manager 
  2. Director of Student Activities*
  3. Student Activities Manager
  4. Director of Finance*
  5. Director of Legislative Affairs*
  6. Legislative Affairs Manager 
  7. Parliamentarian*
  8. Judicial Review Board Justices (4) - Currently 2 VACANT
  9. Public Relations Manager

For more information or questions, e-mail the Office of Student Life or stop by the office in Campus Center, Room 4.

Priority Deadline for the Appointed Positions is Thursday, May 4, 2017, but accepting applications until filled.

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