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Would you like to be part of governing body that serves and voices students' opinions!? Do you want to be part of a team that hosts phenomenal activities and events for the students!? Then BCSGA is the place for you to impact our community!

» File for Election to a vacant Student Senator seat of the BCSGA Student Senate.

» Apply for an appointed position in BCSGA.

  1. Student Organization Funding Manager 
  2. Director of Student Activities*
  3. Student Activities Manager
  4. Director of Finance*
  5. Director of Legislative Affairs*
  6. Legislative Affairs Manager 
  7. Parliamentarian*
  8. Judicial Review Board Justices (4) 
  9. Director of Public Relations*

For more information or questions, e-mail the Office of Student Life or stop by the office in Campus Center, Room 4.

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