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Candidates for BCSGA President

Candidate for BCSGA President, Shehrazad BarrajShehrazad Barraj

Major: Political Science

Hello fellow Renegades, 
My name is Shehrazad Barraj, I am applying for the position of Bakersfield College Student Government Association President. I currently serve as the BCSGA Director of Student Activities/Secretary; and I have served as a BCSGA Senator. As a member of the BCSGA, I have had the privilege to serve our college and work with devoted individuals. 
As a student, I am proud and appreciative of my school.  My knowledge and skills, as well as my desire, make me well qualified to fill the responsibilities of BCSGA President. I understand the importance of establishing positive relationships within BC and nurturing a culture that makes students feel connected, accepted, and respected. 
It will be my priority as BCSGA President to lead our school in this direction. By representing the student voice, I will ensure the voices of students are heard. It would be a great honor to serve you, the students, as BCSGA President. 
Thank you! 

Candidates for BCSGA Vice President

BCSGA Vice President Candidate, Brenda AbadBrenda Abad

Major: Political Science

Hello, Renegade fam!
My name is Brenda Abad, I am currently Legislative Affairs Manager at BCSGA. I am a freshman at BC majoring in Political Science, this is my second semester 
I would like to announce that I will currently be running for the position of  Vice President. As Vice President of BCSGA, I hope to create an environment in which students at BC could feel accepted and recognized no matter of age, sex or race. 
As a Latina first-generation student, I have faced constant struggles and barriers. My goal in obtaining this position is to bring awareness and equity across campus. My goals reside in creating a safe space for all students with special notice for the minority and unrepresented. 
Throughout my four years at high scholl I have always been involved in student government . I have taken part of ASB, leadership positions, had a position as Vice President of National Honors Society, and have been a part of many political campaigns. It has been my greatest joy to be involved in my school and take a part of impactful positions. I hope to do so here at Bakersfield College with the support of you all. 

Candidates for BCSGA Director of Student Organizations

BCSGA Director of StudOrgs Candidate, Cloey Griffiths

Cloey Griffiths

Major: Agriculture Business

Cloey Griffiths began studying at Bakersfield College in 2021. She was raised in Tehachapi and growing up seeing all the fields led to her interest in Agriculture. This drove her to major in Agriculture Business. Cloey is very organized, hardworking, and driven. During high school, Cloey was the student secretary of the CHSRA District 9 Rodeo Team. With this knowledge, she came to BC and is now the President of the Bakersfield College Rode Club Team. Cloey and her team travel across California and into Nevada to compete at college-level rodeos with other four-year and two-year colleges. Outside of college and rodeo, Cloey loves to spend time with her family and her pets. Cloey’s passion is rodeo and she aims to help grow the BC Rodeo Team!

BCSGA Director of StudOrgs Candidate, Sonoma Rose BallSonoma Rose Ball

Major: Psychology/Childhood Education

Sonoma Rose Ball is a freshman student majoring in psychology who believes that the diverse student population’s ideas and cultures should be represented and celebrated. She is passionate about protecting and maintaining the environment, such as the wide variety of plant life on campus. Her goal is to advance the relationship between the administration and students in all aspects of the Bakersfield College experience. She believes that all campus spaces and BC events should be accessible for students who have physical and dietary restrictions. She will help to ensure all campus events and clubs maintain a safe environment for all participants while still emphasizing and enjoying the fun! Sonoma will regularly make herself available for feedback and suggestions, always prioritizing the thoughts and opinions of students which will be reflected throughout her work. Once elected, her optimistic leadership will positively impact other students to create change throughout the BC community.

Candidates for BCSGA Senator

BCSGA Senator Candidate, Maram MakraiMaram Makrai

Major: Political Science


My name is Maram Makrai, and I am applying for the position of one of the twelve BCSGA senators. I, as a hard-working BC student myself, am committed to and feel passionate about serving my community here on campus. I have had the honor of serving as a senator this previous semester, representing my fellow BC Students in the Senate meetings, and helping facilitate a more engaging, interactive, and informative environment through BCSGA. This previous experience, combined with my knowledge and strong work ethic demonstrate me to be a qualified candidate for this position. It would be an honor to continue serving and representing my fellow BC Renegades as a part of the BCSGA Senate.
Thank you.

Candidates for KCCD Student Trustee

KCCD Student Trustee Candidate, Daniel Escobar

Daniel Escobar

Major: Plant Science

I am running for the position of Student Trustee. I have been part of the Bakersfield College Student Government holding the positions of Senator, Vice president, and Director of Student Organizations. My time spent in these positions has been both enjoyable and rewarding. I feel being a representative of the Students of Bakersfield College that I've been able to advocate for the Student body. I hope to be elected so that I can continue to be the voice of not only Bakersfield College students, but the entire Kern Community College District.