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Lesley Bonds teaches BC employees about Guided Pathways

BC Guided Pathways

You have probably heard about the Guided Pathways work at BC. We have been working on the Guided Pathways project (we’re calling it “Renegade Roadmap” at BC) since January 2014, beginning with documenting our Ed Plans in DegreeWorks, building student support services, creating C-ID and Transfer degree curriculum, and implementing a strategic outreach and intake program funded by SSSP. We are now at the stage where we will review our instructional program pathways and consider how we can clarify these for students. This work is heavy lifting, but our instructional faculty are up to the task, using the best understanding of their areas coupled with discipline expertise.

Work to refine the project will continue throughout spring and summer. In fall 2017, the Renegade Roadmap, as we design it, will become a reality. Please join us for this work. It is important work for which you are uniquely trained, and our collaborative efforts will shape it to create a re-designed BC.

For more information about this project, read Nick Strobel and Jessica Wojtysiak's article about College GPS published in the April 2017 edition of the Academic Senate Rostrum.



Winter Pathways Institute - January 11-12, 2017

The following is a list of BC's ten meta-majors, with a list of completion coaches and programs of study for each category. For more information about meta-majors and Completion Coaching, you can follow a live draft here with detailed information about all of our completion teams college-wide.

Completion Team

Programs of Study

Completion Team

  • Andrea Thorson - Administrative Lead
  • Jonathan Schultz - Counselor
  • Josie Gullen - Outreach
  • Debi Anderson - Outreach

Programs of Study

  • Undecided
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