Welcome Renegades! The majority of our classes are online for Spring 2021. A few essential courses are face-to-face with safety protocols. All services have moved online and physical campuses are closed.
Visit the COVID-19 page for up-to-date information.

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College Level Courses

These courses will get your started toward completing the major, general education, and transfer requirements for any of our Associate Degrees offered at Bakersfield College. You can view the full list of degrees here.

All courses will be fully online, and we will be providing trainings with information on taking online classes through Canvas.

Online Tutoring, Advising, and Financial Aid assistance will be available to all students.”

For the Fall 2020 semester, students will have the option of enrolling in the following online courses:

  • STDV B6: Tools for College Success (6 weeks)
  • COMM B1: Public Speaking (6 weeks)
  • ENGL B1A: Expository Composition (6 weeks)

If you are interested in the summer or fall sessions, please fill out the online form.

California Promise/BOG Fee Waiver will cover tuition fees at all enrollment levels for qualifying students. Additional Financial Aid assistance (Pell Grant, Cal Grant, Completion Grant, SEOG) will be available to qualifying students who complete the FAFSA.

Financial Aid depends on number of courses taken:

Take two courses (6 units, complete English requirement): STDV B6 & ENGL 1A
BC will pay $276 tuition fees and you will receive $530

Take a full load (13 units: STDV B6 and three additional courses)
BC will pay $598 tuition fees and you will receive $1060

All students interested in Back to College must attend a workshop. All workshops will be held through Zoom, please complete an online interest form to receive Zoom meeting info.

Workshop dates:

  • July 28th (12-1 PM)
  • August 5th (9-10 AM)
  • August 11th (12-1 PM)
  • August 18 (2-3 PM)
  • August 20th (9-10 AM)
  • August 26th (2-3 PM)
  • August 27th (12-1 PM)

Bakersfield College History Professor Oliver Rosales is hosting a new series on Bakersfield’s CW 12 about California history. The show, “Our California Story: Community Stories and Digital Preservation in the San Joaquin Valley,” is a community engagement forum connected to the California History course students enrolled in through the Back to College program.

The shown will air Sundays at 12 pm on Bakersfield CW 12, through May 10.

Oliver will share with our community information about our local history, and encourage people to research and share their family stories.

Students enrolled in the class will be interviewing family and community members and will be submitting those stories to an online archive. In addition, students will explore and better contextualize their own family history archives and the ways that these personal items can contribute to community narratives.

As all stories are woven together, they will help paint new narratives of life and history in the San Joaquin Valley. It is important to preserve and share these stories, family documents, and photographs for posterity. The archive of student work will be available to the public and we will query public interest and potential donations as the students and project team begin to build the collection.

This is an opportunity for viewers to learn more about Central Valley history and become a part of developing our California story.

Many thanks to Manny De Los Santos for his hard work in putting together this television experience to our local community.

For more information, please visit the Our California Story website at https://sites.google.com/view/ourcaliforniastory/

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