Welcome Renegades! The majority of our classes are online for Spring 2021. A few essential courses are face-to-face with safety protocols. All services have moved online and physical campuses are closed.
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No Cost Skills Certificate Programs

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These non-credit courses will be 100% online and offered free of charge.

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In these uncertain times, one thing we know is that post-COVID-19, the job market will be extremely competitive. That's why Bakersfield College has launched new program options specifically designed to help our students get skilled and back to work as soon as possible. These Non-credit courses are free of charge and lead to certificates of achievement in various areas. Non-credit courses are great introduction to college courses, and can serve as a launch pad into for credit certificate and degree programs.

Current Courses

Basic Internet Skills

total Hours: 27

  • Searching the Web (9 hours)
  • Email for Beginners (9 hours)
  • Basic Image Editing (9 hours)

Basic Office Skills

Total Hours: 45

  • Intro to Careers (9 hours)
  • Office Procedures (18 hours)
  • Best Practice in Customer Service (9 hours)
  • Intro to Word Processing (9 hours)

Customer Relations

Total Hours: 27

  • Personality Styles and Difficult Relationships (9 hours)
  • Collaboration and Team Building (9 hours)
  • Best Practices in Customer Service(9 hours)

Digital Marketing for Small Busineess

Total Hours: 72

  • Business Branding (9 hours)
  • Creating a Basic Business Website (18 hours)
  • Marketing Maps and Google Advertising (18 hours)
  • Social Media For Business (18 hours)
  • Blogging for Business (9 hours)

ServSafe California Food Handlers Card

Total Hours: 9

  • Work Entry Skills for Food Service Workers
  • Work Entry Skills for Food Service Workers
  • Work Entry Skills for Food Service Workers

EMLS Certificates

Intermediate Certificate of Competency

  • EMLS B60NC
  • EMLS B61NC
  • EMLS B62NC

Writing Certificate

  • EMLS B60NC
  • EMLS B50NC

Reading Certificate

  • EMLS B61NC
  • EMLS B51NC

Listening-Speaking Certificate

  • EMLS B62NC
  • EMLS B52NC

Future Courses

Basic Office Software Skills

Total Hours: 36

  • Introduction to Word Processing Software (9 hours)
  • Introduction to Presentation Software (9 hours)
  • Introduction to Spreadsheet Software (9 hours)

Beginning Computer Skills

Total Hours: 27

  • Computer for Beginners (9 hours)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Windows (9 hours)
  • Learn to Type (9 hours)


Total Hours: 72

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship (9 hours)
  • Business Plan I: Executive Summary (9 hours)
  • Business Plan II: The Organizational Plan (18 hours)
  • Business Plan III: The Marketing Plan (9 hours)
  • Business Plan IV: The Financial Plan (18 hours)
  • Execution of Business Plan (9 hours)

Introduction to Early Care and Education

Total Hours: 54

  • Introduction to Careers in Early Childhood Education (18 hours)
  • Early Care Licensing and Workforce Readiness (18 hours)
  • Introduction to Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum (18 hours)

Powerful Presentation

Total Hours: 18

  • High Impact Presentations and Proposals (9 hours)
  • Introduction to Presentation Software (9 hours)

QuickBooks Basics for Small Business

Total Hours: 45

  • Setting up Quickbooks for Small Business (18 hours)
  • Monthly Procedures Using Quickbooks (18 hours)
  • Year-end Procedures Using Quickbooks (9 hours)

Recruiting and Managing Employees

Total Hours: 45

  • Hiring and Recruiting (9 hours)
  • Legal and Financial Implications with Employees (9 hours)
  • Compensation and Basic Payroll I (9 hours)
  • Compensation and Basic Payroll II (9 hours)

Sales Techniques

Total Hours: 18

  • Relationship Building for Customer Sales (9 hours)
  • Negotiation Skills in Business (9 hours)

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