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ASL/English Interpreter Training Program Application Instructions

This application requires an Essay and an ASL Video sample at the time of submission. Read all of the instructions and prepare your essay and video before you apply to ensure your submission is complete at the time that you apply. Incomplete applications cannot be considered.

Essay Instructions

“Is Interpreting the Career for Me?”

In a carefully crafted essay, share with us why you will make an outstanding sign language interpreter. Include any relevant information about past work or personal experiences that demonstrate your aptitude for the physical and intellectual demands of a sign language interpreter. Additionally, describe your experience with American Sign Language including coursework, family, and social interaction.

Note: This essay will be judged on vocabulary, grammar, mechanics, style and creativity. It must be typed, double-spaced, and no more than two pages. You will be asked to verify that you received no assistance in writing this essay.

ASL Video Sample

You must submit a video sample demonstrating your skills in American Sign Language with your application.

ASL Video Content

Answer the following questions using your best ASL skills. Do not rehearse. We want a natural sample of your signing ability at this time. You may use notes. You may refer to them, but do not read your notes while signing. Please keep your answers to these questions under five minutes.

  1. Describe your family, including names and ages, and where you live.
  2. Describe in detail a favorite room in your home.
  3. Describe an object that is meaningful to you (e.g. heirloom, a gift).
  4. Share a memorable experience.

Video Recording Guidelines

  • Wear a solid colored top or shirt (no designs, lettering, stripes, plaids, or logos).
  • Wear clothes that contrast your skin tone. Avoid dark or brightly colored nail polish.
  • Remove all rings and distracting jewelry, including any piercings.
  • Hair should be away from your face and mustaches or beards should be trimmed.
  • Your video should be shot in a location that is quiet and has good lighting.
  • Use a solid colored distraction-free background.
  • Frame from your waist to about a few inches above your head. Your facial expressions, nonmanuals, fingerspelling, and signs must be visible and clear. We urge you to review your video before submitting.
  • Stay within the frame during recording. Do not sway or rock back and forth.
  • Start the recording and count five seconds before you begin signing. Begin your video with a greeting, and introduce yourself by signing your first and last name.

Upload your video to YouTube (preferred, instructions below) or other webhosting service, as long as you can add an accessible URL to your program application, and submit the link with your application. Do not submit video files directly by email.

You may submit your video on a DVD or thumb drive in person to our program; however, online submission is preferred. If you must submit the video on a DVD or thumb drive, mail or drop off at:

Bakersfield College
1801 Panorama Drive
Bakersfield, CA 933015
ATTN: Jaclyn Krause LA 211


If you have questions, please contact:

NOTE: ASL/English Interpreting courses have a prerequisite of having completed ASL 4 or the equivalent.


NOTE: If you are not currently a student at BC, acceptance into this program is dependent on your acceptance into Bakersfield College. You must complete enrollment requirements as soon as possible.

Instructions for YouTube

YouTube is the preferred method for submitting your video sample. These instructions will help you if you are not familiar with using YouTube and sharing videos.

All Bakersfield College students have a Gmail account. If you are not already a Bakersfield College student and do not have a Gmail account, you must create one to log in to YouTube.

To Create a Gmail Account

  1. Click Create an account at Gmail.
  2. Provide your first name, last name, username and password to complete the form.
  3. Click "next" and follow the prompts until your account is created.
  4. Now that you have an account, you can login at YouTube.

Using YouTube

  1. Sign in on YouTube with your Gmail account information.
  2. Click the "Create a video or post" icon that looks like a camera with a plus.
  3. Click "Upload video."
  4. Either drag and drop your video or select the file for upload.
    • If you have not created a Channel, you may be asked to follow simple instructions to create one.
  5. After your upload is complete, make sure the Privacy Setting is set to "Unlisted."


I have prepared my essay and my video and am ready to apply

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