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Archived pictures of students from '60's 70's and 90's.

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About the Catalog

The heart of this system is a database organized around our Archives Catalog. This catalog categorizes the content (which we refer to as collection items).

There are 2 methods for navigating the content of this system: SELECT FROM CATALOG and DETAIL SELECTION.

Select from Catalog

Use "Select from Catalog" option

Each row in the catalog acts as a link to a system-generated page that draws information from the database, based on the row you click on. If we've prepared digital material for a given catalog reference number, you will see a list of item descriptions and item types for the online content. If we haven't prepared material for that catalog reference, you'll get a message to that effect. If digital items exist, the item descriptions will appear as hyperlinks to additional system-generated pages with the online content.

Our catalog reference system is designed to allow an unlimited number of alternates for any given primary reference. If collection items have alternates, those alternates will be shown as hyperlinks on the results page. Clicking on any of these links generates a new query and the results will show if any content is available for that reference number. NOTE: Even if a collection item is cross-referenced to a separate reference number, there may be no items in the alternate reference collection.

NOTE: The link to the catalog and from the catalog to individual items are set up to generate new browser tabs or new browser windows (depending on which browser you are using). This can add a lot of browser tabs/windows but eliminates the confusion of trying to get back to this site. When you are finished with a given tab/window, just click to close it and you'll be back here where you started.

Detail Selection

Use Detail Selection option

Each item in the Archives Collection is primarily identified by its catalog reference. In addition to catalog references, collection items are further identified by their types, i.e. photographs, electronic documents, etc. and the year in which they originated (circa). When you click on the DETAIL SELECTION button above, you will be presented with the catalog listing (just as described for the SELECT FROM CATALOG option). Identify the general category you wish to explore, and click on that line in the catalog listing. You will then be presented with three options:

  1. Catalog Reference
  2. Item Type
  3. Circa

Catalog Reference selection will default to the category you selected from the catalog listing. You can leave this option where it is or select ALL (be advised, this may generate a HUGE selection and could produce a 'time-out' error on the server).

Item Type requires a selection (don't ignore this option). You can select from any of the types of collection items in the archives, or select ALL. This will not produce the HUGE selection warned about above.

Circa is the final detail selection option and is set to default to all time periods. You can over-ride the default and select a specific time period, down to a single year. If you mistakenly select an inverse time period (start date later than and end date) the system will use the start date as the end date and select everything up to that date.

In a sense, the website is self-constructing. As our workers process donations and collection items, they record catalog references, types and circa information in the database. Digital content is placed in the web server file system. Once the entries are made in the database, and files placed on the server, the information about each item is immediately available to website visitors.

We've got a lot of work to do, recording this information for new donations AND going back to catalog earlier donations. If you wish to view an item not available on the web, please submit a request to the Association office for an appointment to view it at the BC library.

This is just the beginning of our work to make the Bakersfield College Archives available to everyone, so come back soon to see what changes have taken place.

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