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Forestry & Natural Resources

The Forestry and Natural Resources program within the Department of Agriculture at Bakersfield College offers a degree to a diverse population of students in the San Joaquin Valley. The education offered by this program allows students the ability to engage in a vibrant and growing industry. The program provides the basic skills and opportunities to prepare them to either pursue higher education or a career in their chosen field of expertise. The program uses a combination of discussion and skills based learning experiences to support critical thinking and problem solving while preparing students for the ever changing workplace dynamic. Because of the setting of forestry industry within rural communities, this program hopes to provide skills and knowledge for rural students to take and positively inject into their communities.

The program provides a broad general experience in the arts and science to develop an individual with a well-rounded education, and a core of basic courses which furnish the student with a perspective of the scientific and professional area of forestry, natural resources, fisheries and wildlife.

Students planning to go to work after completing a 2-year degree should complete the A.S. degree Transfer students should complete the A.A. degree.

The Forestry and Natural Resources major will prepare you for an important role in the protection, management, and development of our forest and natural resources.

Love the Outdoors?

Dedicated to advancing the science and management of forests and natural resources, as well as discovering knowledge that can be applied to sustainable environmental protection and enhancement, this program is practice-based built on the belief that the best learning comes from firsthand observation and experience.

Enjoyment of life outdoors, a willingness to get your hands dirty and a commitment of the intellectual disciplines necessary for science are qualities of our students. Our faculty are accomplished teachers in the classroom and respected researchers in the laboratory and field and enthusiastic problem-solvers for industry and business.

We invite you to join us in getting your boots wet, learning the ropes and working toward a sustainable world.

Job Opportunities and Careers

  • Forester
  • Ecologist
  • Land Manager
  • Forestry Technician
  • Range Technician
  • Wildland Firefighter
  • Extension Agent
  • Consultant

Types of Classes Offered

Below is a list of classes that a degree in Forestry and Natural Resources may include. For a complete list, visit the Bakersfield College catalog and select your academic year.

  • FORE B1 - Introduction to Forestry
  • FORE B2 - Natural Resources
  • FORE B3 - Wildlife Management
  • FORE B4 - Wildlife Law Enforcement
  • FORE B5 - Identification of California Wildlife
  • FORE B6 - Forestry Skills
  • FORE B7 - Wildland Fire Management
  • NRES B1 - Range Management
  • NRES B2 - Parks and Outdoor Recreation