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Bakersfield College

A tractor plows a field at Bakersfield College

Agriculture Faculty & Staff

Name Position Email Phone Location
Chris McCraw Professor, Agricultural Business chris.mccraw@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 438-1212
AG 4
Renaldo Arroyo Professor, Foresty renaldo.arroyo@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 401-6541
AG 5
Gregory Cluff Professor, Agriculture; Program Lead, Plan Science gcluff@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4697
James McEnroe Professor, Animal Science james.mcenroe@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4968
AG 1
Lindsay Ono Professor, Environmental Horticulture lono@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 401-6720
LeAnn Riley Professor, Food Science and Technology leann.riley@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4966
AG 5
Matthew Riley Assistant Professor, Mechanized Agriculture matthew.riley@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4965
AG 5
James Selgrath Professor, Agricultural Business james.selgrath@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4967
AG 4
Jalisca Thomason Professor, Forestry jalisca.thomason@bakersfieldcollege.edu
AG 4
Name Position Email Phone Location
Yolanda Aguilera Executive Secretary - Agriculture and Family & Consumer Education (FACE) yolanda.aguilera@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4013
Jessica Wojtysiak Dean of Instruction - Agriculture & Family and Consumer Education (FACE) Departments and BC Southwest jessica.wojtysiak@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4936
FA 43, BCSW AD 03
Department Chair
Name Position Email Phone Location
Heather Baltis Associate Professor, Agricultural Business; Department Chair, Agriculture heather.baltis@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 410-6951
AG 4
Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Email Phone Location
Virginia Burroughs Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture virginia.burroughs@bakersfieldcollege.edu
David Fenn Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture david.fenn@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 769-6571
Gay Gardella Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture ggardell@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4527
Bill Kelly Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture wkelly@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Sophia Marin Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture sophia.marin@bakersfieldcollege.edu (424) 234-6702
Juan Nunez Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture juan.nunez1@bakersfieldcollege.edu (661) 395-4527
Myron Patton Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture myron.patton@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Andrea Prise Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture andrea.prise@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Rose Rakow Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture rrakow@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Jeff Rasmussen Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture jeff.rasmussen@bakersfieldcollege.edu
John Skibinski Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture joskibin@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Martin Smith Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture marsmith@bakersfieldcollege.edu
Clayton Wright Adjunct Faculty, Agriculture clayton.wright@bakersfieldcollege.edu