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Animal Science

A student works with a horseA degree in Animal Science combines different disciplines - animal nutrition, genetics, behavior, production, and reproductive physiology - with hands on, practical applications for the livestock and companion animal industries.

Animal Science prepares students for many career opportunities.

The major coursework combines theory and practical applications for all of the species common to the livestock industries. The flexibility of the Animal Science curriculum is the basis for student learning and understanding. In today's technology-driven world, the ability to integrate scientific knowledge with the principles of business is what allows our students to respond to the rapid changes they will face in their future careers.

Bakersfield College offers students the opportunity to earn Associate of Science or Associate of Arts Degrees in Animal Science. In addition, students may prepare to pursue a Degree of Veterinary Medicine or Registered Veterinary Technician (see Pre-Veterinary Medicine page).

Students work with a cowWhere's the Beef??

The production of wholesome, safe food, is more important than ever and demand for food world wide will double in the next few decades.

Courses in Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Dairy Production address the issues and skills needed to work in the meat and food scienceindustries.

Bakersfield College students gain practical, hands on experience and academic knowledge to pursue careers in Food Science, Livestock Production, Veterinary Medicine, AgriBusiness, and more…