Bakersfield College

A tractor plows a field at Bakersfield College


Bakersfield College, located in California’s agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley, has the history and resources to move Ag students in the right direction.

The Bakersfield College Agriculture Department first began in 1915, making this one of the first community college agriculture programs in the nation.

Since then, as it is now, Bakersfield College continues to educate students for a career in the agricultural industry and transfers many students to agricultural study programs at four year universities.

A few of Bakersfield Colleges Agricultural Departments great qualities:

  • Bakersfield College is the leading community college agricultural program in the United States to send students to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo is the leading four year agricultural studies university in California and ranked tenth in the United States.
  • Bakersfield College’s close interrelationship with the farming industry has helped to provide scholarships and grants to students interested in agriculture studies.
  • Bakersfield College, based in one of the largest farming industry counties in the United States (Ranked 3rd), is able to provide hands-on knowledge to students taking agriculture study courses.

Ag Business

AgriBusiness is one of the most in demand degrees today. California ranks #1 in agriculture production and the business end of the industry needs skilled, educated people to meet the demands of this dynamic, exciting industry.

An Associate of Science Degree in AgriBusiness can help you advance your career by helping you become a valuable asset to agricultural businesses.

The skills you develop will prepare you to enter the exciting professional world of agriculture marketing, sales, production, management, and more.

With an Associate of Arts Degree in AgriBusiness, you are prepared for a wide range of exciting career options and you will also be prepared to transfer to a 4 year university to pursue a Bachelor's Degree.

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Animal Science

Where's the Beef??

The production of wholesome, safe food, is more important than ever and demand for food world wide will double in the next few decades.

Courses in Beef, Swine, Sheep, and Dairy Production address the issues and skills needed to work in the meat and food science industries.

Bakersfield College students gain practical, hands on experience and academic knowledge to pursue careers in Food Science, Livestock Production, Veterinary Medicine, AgriBusiness, and more.

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Environmental Horticulture

Horticulture = Plants and Flowers and Is the 2nd Largest Agricultural Crop in California

Surprised by the headline above? California produces over $4 billion dollars in plant material. Retail sales amount to over $13 billion. The Industry is $17.33 billion large and California is the largest plant production state in the United States.

Plants are everywhere. They clean the air. They provide shelter for birds and wildlife. The cooling shade of trees reduces electrical bills and other plants help prevent erosion.

Plants help diffuse noise. Those wonderful trees, shrubs, bedding plants, colorful bulbs, green lawns, potted containers, home fruit trees and vegetable gardens are all a part of the urban environment.

Whether you step outside your front door, out onto the porch or balcony or when you go into the backyard, you are the beneficiary of a green environment.

Don’t you want to be a part of an industry that does so much for our day to day lives?

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Forestry & Natural Resources

Love the Outdoors?

Dedicated to advancing the science and management of forests and natural resources, as well as discovering knowledge that can be applied to sustainable environmental protection and enhancement, this program is practice-based built on the belief that the best learning comes from firsthand observation and experience.

Enjoyment of life outdoors, a willingness to get your hands dirty and a commitment of the intellectual disciplines necessary for science are qualities of our students.

Our faculty are accomplished teachers in the classroom and respected researchers in the laboratory and field and enthusiastic problem-solvers for industry and business. We invite you to join us in getting your boots wet, learning the ropes and working toward a sustainable world.

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Plant Science

Want a job?

Plant science is the basic discipline behind all crop production.

Plant scientists go on to become crop production specialists, plant breeders, pest control advisors, seed specialists, and fertilizer and chemical representatives to name just a few careers in the discipline.

California is the number one agricultural state in the U.S. and Kern County is one of the most productive counties in the state, so your opportunities here in this field are limitless.

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