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In response to the growing realization that a strong correlation exists between limited education and high unemployment and poverty, and that current strategies are inadequate to equip adult workers, the Senate and House of Representatives passed Assembly Bill 86 in 2013. The bill mandated greater collaboration between community colleges and adult schools, and provided funds in the form of The Adult Education Block Grant (AEBG) to expand and improve the provision of adult education via community college consortium.

The goal of the Kern Community College Consortia is to eliminate barriers for underserved students by bringing resources directly to them rather than expecting them to seek out and travel to resources. Currently, the Bakersfield College Adult Education programs, in collaboration with local adult schools, serve students in North and South Kern County, including locations such as Delano Adult School, Wasco, McFarland, and most recently, the Bakersfield Adult School (BAS).

  • Lupe Aguirre
  • Adult Education with Police
  • BC Adult Education staff at Jasmine Vineyards

Services Provided Through Collaboration

  • Bakersfield College is dedicated to providing support to Adult Education students directly on-site at all locations throughout Bakersfield and North Kern.
  • The BC Advocate Team for South Kern includes an AEBG Program Manager, an Academic Liaison, and an Educational Advisor, who are all dedicated to serving Adult Education students.
  • The BC Advocate Team for North Kern includes an AEBG Program Manager, an Academic Liaison, a DSPS Counselor, and a Student Tutor dedicated to supporting Adult Education students throughout all North Kern Sites.
  • One-on-one career pathway development, academic support, resource coordination, and student advocacy are primary functions of the BC teams.
  • The goal is to bridge multi-layer gaps encountered by many Adult Education students—primarily, those found within the transition from Adult Education to post-secondary education—allowing for streamlined transitions and increased student success rates.

Program Highlights

  • Implement EMSL courses both for credit and non-credit at the Job Spot and BC-Delano.
  • Provide an EMLS certificate as a first step for Adult Education students as they transition to BC.
  • Identify cohorts of students and assist in the transition to Bakersfield College (Main or Delano Campus).
  • Create platforms for connectivity to BC for Adult Education students, such as campus tours, workshops, and career/personal development opportunities.
  • Eliminate barriers by providing resources such as books, bus passes, and school supplies.
  • Adult Education Staff at Jasmine Vineyards
  • Job Spot lobby
  • Endee and Lupe

Adult and Community Support Services

As part of a statewide effort to assist underserved populations to obtain employment and earn a livable wage, Bakersfield College has partnered with rural adult schools to provide additional services to adult learners. The goal is to identify students' career aspirations and provide targeted services aimed at eliminating barriers of entrance into their respective fields.

As members of the Kern AEBG Consortium and in collaboration with other local educational institutions, Bakersfield College is currently able to offer the following services free of charge.

Multi-level English Classes

One of the greatest barriers to achieving career or educational goals is insufficient English language fluency. Therefore, the support team offers beginner and intermediate conversational English classes weekly in North Kern.

GED/HSE Tutoring

Bakersfield College does not offer GED courses, but works in collaboration with the local adult schools to provide transitional support. Students enrolled in GED or HSE programs often need additional assistance outside the classroom to gain the skills and confidence needed to pass required exams. Therefore, the support team offers one-on-one or group tutoring in all subjects.

Career Planning/Assistance

General career services available include:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Applications
  • Internships
  • Foreign degree consultations
  • College transfers
  • Career exploration in South and North Kern locations

Transitional Support

All adult school students who choose to further their education at Bakersfield College will continue to receive support from AEBG support staff for their first semester at BC.