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Academic Development

Academic Development Mission

The Bakersfield College Academic Development Department provides quality developmental education in a supportive environment in order for students to achieve academic, personal, and occupational success.

Academic Development promotes its mission by:

  • Preparing students to become independent, lifelong learners.
  • Offering coursework that increases retention and success rates in academic, vocational education and basic skills courses.
  • Continuing to work with employers and support workforce retraining.
  • Respecting diverse talents and learning styles.
  • Communicating high expectations through active learning within a collaborative setting.
  • Evaluating curricula to respond to student and community changes.
  • Sharing our knowledge and skills within the college community.

Academic Development Courses

Transfer to All Courses

  • ACDV B80 (Integrated Reading/Writing)→ACDV B61 (Accelerated Reading)→All Courses
  • ACDV B50 (Advanced Reading)→All Courses

Transfer to English

ACDV B80 (Integrated Reading/Writing)→ENGL B53→Transfer English

Transfer to Statistics

ACDV B72 (Accelerated Arithmetic/Pre-Algebra)→MATH B65 (Intermediate Algebra for Statistics)→Statistics

Transfer to Calculus

ACDV B72 (Accelerated Arithmetic/Pre-Algebra)→MATH B60-B70 (Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, Degree Applicable)→Calculus

Strategies for Academic Success Series

  • ACDV B70A: Time Management
  • ACDV B70B: Note Taking
  • ACDV B70C: Textbook Reading
  • ACDV B70D: Test Taking
  • ACDV B70E: Memory
  • ACDV B70F: Vocabulary Improvement

Extend the Classroom

Dr. Kimberly Bligh envisioned a support service for students in Basic Skills math courses at Bakersfield College. Through Title V grant funding and department support, Extend the Classroom (ETC) was formed. Students are referred to ETC through weekly classroom assessments. Then, Peer Mentors empower students to learn the weekly material as well as provide holistic support. An educational advisor helps track and follow-up on students entering and exiting the ETC program. 

What is ETC? A free place to get help on homework, learn from peer mentors, earn study points, and practice math!

Who can use ETC? Students currently enrolled in ACDV B72 Basic Arithmetic & Pre-Algebra

Where is ETC? Bakersfield College Main Campus CSS Building, Room 136 between Student Success Lab & Room 135

When is ETC open? Monday to Thursday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Friday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM Appointments not necessary!


Birds-eye view of the Extend the Classroom area

If you are interested in becoming a Student Success Peer Mentor, visit the Student Employment page for more information. 

Summer Bridge

Summer Bridge to BC is an intensive day-long orientation program required of all incoming Freshmen. During this interactive day, students will engage with faculty one-on-one and in group settings, tour the BC campus with experienced and knowledgeable student mentors, and participate in hands-on activities that orient them to the Freshmen experience. In this way, students learn about the academic and student services resources that Bakersfield College offers and experiences them first hand.

Students will hear from faculty and support services staff how to best access and utilize campus resources during engaging sessions and demystify questions that ALL new students have BEFORE their first semester begins. On a more practical level, the day will focus on introducing skills necessary for college success, including effective communication, time-management, library research and other critical skills! This isn’t the “same old information” students learned in high school….the topics covered at Summer Bridge to BC are designed, and proven, to ensure students are successful during their FIRST semester in college.

If you are interested in becoming a Student Success Peer Mentor, visit the Student Employment page for more information. 

For more information and to find all of the Summer Bridge dates, visit the Summer Bridge to BC page.

Tutoring Center

Free tutoring is available to all currently enrolled Bakersfield College students in Tutoring Centers located on the Panorama and Delano campuses.

More information is available on the Tutoring Center in the Just For Students section of the website.

Panorama Campus

Location: CSS 203

Sonia Avila

Delano Campus:

Location: Learning Center, Room 1101

Monica Huyck, Tutor Coordinator