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Accessibility Resources

Welcome to the Bakersfield College Accessibility Center. The purpose of these guides and information is to support our staff and faculty with resources for making all class and website content accessible to everyone. While many of these examples may be in context of our college, everyone is welcome to these resources.

If you have recommendations or requests for information concerning accessibility, please email

If you would like to report a barrier to accessibility on our site, please submit the Report a Barrier Form.

Accessibility Regulations

Accessibility Requirements

Accessibility Topics and Guides

Making your content accessible is not always easy. The first step is education and the following topics are intended to help with that. These topics are quick reminders and where to find more resources. We strongly recommend that you attend one or more of the tutorials or classes for your format.

Making your content accessible will necessitate changing and developing new habits. Developing good habits is not always fun, but these habits will ensure inclusion for all our students. Some of these new habits can even improve your workflow and save time. Research has found that making your content accessible increases usability for everyone.1

1 Sharron Rush and EOWG Participants, “Accessibility, Usability, and Inclusion,” ed. Shawn L Henry, Shadi Abou-Zahra, and Kevin White, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) (W3C, May 6, 2016),