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Social and Behavioral Sciences Pathway

About this Pathway

The Social and Behavioral and Sciences Pathway encompasses 11 different programs of study. For more information about social sciences, which include history, economics and political science, see Social Sciences. For more information about behavioral sciences such as psychology, sociology and criminal justice, see Behavioral Sciences. The best place to start learning about a program is the department website, where you can learn about the different programs of study. Department websites also have faculty info, and requirements for degrees/certificates offered.

Programs of Study

Associate Degrees and Degrees for Transfer

AA - Associate of Arts
AA-T - Associate in Arts for Transfer


COA - Certificate of Achievement
JSC - Job Skills Certificates
COCM - Certificate of Completion
NC - noncredit

Other Programs

Social And Behavioral Sciences

Completion Coaching Team

Educational Advisors
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Jo Ann Acosta Educational Advisor; Advising Expert - Social and Behavioral Sciences Pathway and Pre-Law Program (661) 395-4667
CSS Ed Advisor Area
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Heather Skibinski Financial Aid Technician; Financial Aid Expert - Social and Behavioral Sciences Pathway & Industrial Technology (661) 395-4020
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Sarah Villasenor Counselor, Early Alert; Counseling Expert - Social and Behavioral Sciences Pathway (661) 395-4630
CSS 34

Entire Completion Coaching Community

Career Outlook

The Bakersfield College Program Map is a great resource to find Program Learning Outcomes and detailed career outlook statistics for each of the programs of study associated with this Learning and Career Pathway. For more information about career outlooks in any field, visit the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Steps for Success

Momentum Points

If you are pursuing one of the degrees in this pathway, you will want to enroll in 15 units each semester to graduate in approximately two years. This would require 30 units in your first year. Some of those units you earn in your first year should be in Math, English, and your major! Not only will earning 9 units in your major your first year keep you on track to your degree, it may also help you earn a certificate on the way!