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Bakersfield College

Education Pathway Coaching Community

Name Position Email Phone Location
Kimberly Bligh Professor, Education; Department Chair, Education; Director, Title V (661) 395-4539
CSS 120
Marisa Marquez Director, Counseling and Student Success (661) 395-4421
CSS 45
Jessica Wojtysiak Dean of Instruction - CDC, BC SouthWest, Communication, FACE (661) 395-4936
FA 43, BCSW AD 03
Anthony Cordova Director, Career & Technical Education (CTE) (661) 395-4787
Name Position Email Phone Location
Jo'l Braden Department Chair, Family and Consumer Education (661) 395-4754
Bernadette Towns Professor, Child Development (661) 395-4444
William Chapman Assistant Professor, Education
CSS 204
Phil Feldman Professor, Education (661) 395-4833
CSS 204
Teresa McAllister Associate Professor, Education (661) 395-4432
CSS 119
Erica Menchaca Professor, Education (661) 395-4005
CSS 119
Kimberly Nickell Student Success Lab Coordinator; Professor, Education (661) 395-4654
CSS 143
Educational Advisors
Name Position Email Phone Location
Jo Ann Acosta Educational Advisor, BC SouthWest; Advising Expert - Education Pathway (661) 395-4667
BCSW 220
Financial Aid
Name Position Email Phone Location
Gina Hunter Financial Aid Technician; Financial Aid Expert - Education Pathway (661) 395-4480
CSS 156
Job Development Specialist
Name Position Email Phone Location
Jessica McGrath Job Development Specialist; Career Expert - Education and Public Safety Training Pathways (661) 395-4829
Name Position Email Phone Location
Mindy Munoz Program Manager, Cal-SOAP (661) 395-4956
CSS 184
Program Managers
Name Position Email Phone Location
Eileen Pierce Program Manager, Supplemental Instruction & CAS Workshops (661) 395-4202
CSS 126
Name Position Email Phone Location
Brynn Schock Counselor, General; Counseling Expert - Education Pathway (661) 395-4421
CSS 32, BCSW AD 02

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