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Education Pathway

About this Pathway

The Education Pathway is designed for students interested in becoming an Early Childhood Caregiver, Early Childhood Educator, Preschool Teacher, Special Education Teacher, or an Elementary School Teacher. Many students can benefit from the growth this pathway can accommodate through earning a Job Skills Certificate (JSC), a Certificate of Achievement (COA), and then a Transfer degree (AS-T or AA-T).

Programs of Study

Associate Degrees and Degrees for Transfer

AA - Associate of Arts
AA-T - Associate in Arts for Transfer
AS - Associate of Science
AS-T - Associate in Science for Transfer


COA - Certificate of Achievement
COCM - Certificate of Completion
COCP - Certificate of Competency
JSC - Job Skills Certificates
NC - Noncredit

Completion Coaching Team

Educational Advisors
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Esequiel Garcia Educational Advisor, Advising Expert - Education Pathway (661) 395-4567
CSS Ed Advisor Area
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Veronica Lucas Counselor, General; Counseling Expert - Education Pathway (661) 720-2078
DST 1001
Brynn Schock Counselor, General; Counseling Expert - Education Pathway (661) 541-1512
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Marisa Marquez Dean of Student Success & Counseling (661) 395-4421
CSS 45
Job Development Specialist
Name Position Email Voice Phone Location
Jessica McGrath Job Development Specialist; Career Expert - Education, Health Sciences, and Public Safety Training Pathways (661) 395-4829

Entire Completion Coaching Community

Career Outlook

The Bakersfield College Program Map is a great resource to find Program Learning Outcomes and detailed career outlook statistics for each of the programs of study associated with this Learning and Career Pathway. For more information about career outlooks in any field, visit the US Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Steps for Success

Momentum Points

If you are pursuing one of the degrees in this pathway, you will want to enroll in 15 units each semester to graduate in approximately two years. This would require 30 units in your first year. Some of those units you earn in your first year should be in Math, English, and your major! Not only will earning 9 units in your major your first year keep you on track to your degree, it may also help you earn a certificate on the way!

Transfer Information

Students interested in pursuing a career in elementary, high school, or special education are required to obtain a BA or BS and a Teaching Credential pertinent to their field of study. This can take an additional three years beyond the AS-T in Early Childhood Education or AA-T in Elementary Teacher Education. Also, students interested in pursuing a lead teacher position within a California State “5-Star” facility or a Federally-funded program, such as Head Start, are required to obtain a BA or BS degree in Early Childhood Education or similar field of study. Students are encouraged to discuss their career plans with an Advisor or Counselor at Bakersfield College to create a Comprehensive Student Education Plan (CSEP) that will provide the best guidance with respect to the preferred field of study and transfer opportunities.


If you are ready for a job in education, you can apply through EDJoin. If you have completed a Job Skills Certificate or Certificate of Achievement in Child Development, you can apply for a California Child Development Teacher Permit at the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Stipends for also available for the Child Development Permit. For more information, visit the Child Development Training Consortium.