ENCORE Program

students learning in different fields: nursing, culinary arts, computer technology, and automotive

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ENCORE (Empowering the Next-Generation for Career Opportunities and Readiness for Employment) is a program targeting out of school youth ages 16-24, to provide a pathway to self-sufficiency and livable wages through the provision of employment opportunities upon completion of a Career Technical Education (CTE) certificate program.


To be eligible youth must be between the ages of 16-24 and not currently attending school. And one of the following:

  1. Homeless or Runaway
  2. Low-income
  3. Disabled
  4. Foster Youth/Former FY
  5. Pregnant or parenting
  6. Basic Skills Deficient

Apply for ENCORE

To apply for ENCORE, fill out an ENCORE Interest Form:

ENCORE Interest Form

Benefits of the Program

  1. Covers Tuition
  2. Receive Education Training
  3. Career Readiness / Job Placement
  4. Transportation Assistance
  5. Covers expenses for all materials required for the chosen program.
  6. Activities to build soft skills

Short Certificate Options

There are two certificate options that you may select from Certificate of Achievement (COA) or a Job Skills Certificate (JSC). You may complete these certificates within a year.

The following certificates are eligible for the ENCORE program. Browse the Bakersfield College Catalog for more information about these eligible certificates:

  • Animal Science (COA) Total Units 33
  • Plant Science (COA) Total Units 24
  • Agriculture Business Management (COA) Total Units 26
  • Culinary Arts (COA) Total Units 27.5
  • Dietetic Services Supervisor Program (COA) Total Units 16.5
  • Environmental Horticulture (COA) Total Units 29
  • Forestry (COA) Total Units 33
  • Heavy Equipment Technician (COA) Total Units 28
  • ASL Interpreter Training Program (COA) Total Units 41
  • Commercial Music (COA) Total Units 18
  • Graphic Design (COA) Total Units 18
  • Media Arts (COA) Total Units 18
  • Bookkeeping (COA) Total Units 25.5
  • Office Assistant (COA) Total Units 28.5-30.5
  • Child Development Teacher (COA) Total Units 27
  • Transitional Kindergarten (COA) Total Units 24
  • Health Navigator (COA) Total Units 24
  • Nurse Assistant (JSC) Total Units 6
  • Emergency Medical Technician (JSC) Total Units 9
  • Fire Technology (COA) Total Units 35-38
  • Human Services (JSC) Total Units 15
  • Information Technology (COA) Total Units 22-23
  • Welding (COA) Total Units 32
  • HVAC Technology (COA) Total Units
  • Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning (COA) Total Units 17
  • Engine Overhaul and Repair (COA) Total Units 17
  • Engine Performance (COA) Total Units 17
  • Light Duty Diesel Performance (COA) Total Units 16
  • Construction Technology (COA) Total Units 27
  • Electronics Technology (COA) Total Units 30
  • Engineering Technology (COA) Total Units 24-26
  • Manufacturing Technology (COA) Total Units 31-33
  • Process Technology (COA) Total Units 24

Contact Us

For more information, contact encore@bakersfieldcollege.edu

Vikki Coffee
Educational Advisor

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