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Academic Departments

If you are exploring the different disciplines to decide upon a major, begin with Learning & Career Pathways. Bakersfield College is approaching degrees and certificates in a new way. We have grouped programs together in categories to better support our students. Explore our programs and future careers through:

Academic Development

Academic Development offers courses and opportunities to develop academic skills in a supportive environment. This department offers courses to improve skills, a Learning Center, a Student Success Lab and other resources to keep you on the path of academic success.


Bakersfield College is located in the agriculturally rich San Joaquin Valley, and offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates related to agriculture. The disciplines included in our Agriculture Department are: Agriculture Business, Animal Science, Environmental Horticulture, Forestry & Natural Resources, Mechanized Agriculture, Plant Science and Pre-Veterinary Medicine.

Allied Health

The Allied Health Department offers academic and vocational education to prepare men and women for careers in health occupations. There are two programs offered: Health Information Technology and Radiologic Technology.


The Art Department provides instruction in the visual arts; preparing students for visual literacy, cultural awareness, aesthetic sensitivity and developing skills in creative problem-solving.

Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences scientifically study human and animal behavior. Within Behavioral Sciences are several academic programs including Anthropology, Correctional Administration, Human Services, Psychology, Sociology, and Public Health Science.


The Biology Department’s mission is to establish high quality science education, instilling discipline competencies for students in the vocational education, general education, and transfer pathways.

Business Management & Information Technology

The Business Management and Information Technology (BMIT) Department encompasses the areas of Business Administration and Computer Science.

Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Career and Technical Education prepares students for a wide range of high-wage, high skill, high-demand careers.

Child Development

This program integrates theoretical, practical and experiential coursework to develop further understanding of children, families and the processes of teaching and learning.


Communication skills represent the number-one workplace ability sought by today’s employers, and the BC Communication Department provides students with an impressive set of potential skills. Communication also includes the Journalism program.

Culinary Arts/Food & Nutrition

This program of study integrates theoretical and practical course work which prepares the student for the food service workforce.

Engineering and Systems

Programs in this department include automotive technology, electronics, engineering, HVAC, Industrial Automation and Water Technology.


English courses in writing, research, and literature support students in developing critical thinking and the effective communication of ideas. Whatever academic and professional goals students may choose, strong reasoning and language skills are necessary for success and participation.

English for Multilingual Students (EMLS)

This program welcomes local bilingual/bicultural students seeking to improve their language skills, as well as English language learners from around the world. The program is designed to equip English learners with language skills required for academic work at the college or university level.

Foreign Language

The Foreign Language Department offers Associate in Arts degrees in American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish. Japanese courses are also offered.

Health & Physical Education

This department provides courses to meet various requirements for Physical Education for programs and transfer.

Industrial Automation

In today’s industry, engineers involved in developing new products or processes work closely with supervisors who apply scientific and technical knowledge in the design, manufacturing, and repair of automation systems. The Industrial Automation Baccalaureate and Associate Degree Programs train students with the skill set those managers require, meeting the needs of a host of local employers, including major companies in the agriculture, distribution, and manufacturing sectors.

Industrial Technology

This department offers numerous degree programs in the disciplines of: Architecture, Construction, Industrial Drawing, Manufacturing, Occupational Safety and Risk Management (OSRM), Welding, Woodworking and Cabinetmaking.


Whether you strive to become a mathematician or simply need math courses as a requirement for another program, Mathematics is the corner stone of any education.


Our Nursing program is perhaps the most popular at BC. They offer degree programs for Registered Nursing (RN), Vocational Nursing (LVN), LVN-RN bridge and Nursing Assistant.

Performing Arts

The Performing Arts Department includes program in Music and the Theatre Arts.


One of the strongest traditional liberal arts majors in higher education, Philosophy’s emphasis on critical thinking, theories of knowledge, value and reality, truth, rational argument and proof make it an excellent pre-professional undergraduate major (e.g., for law, theology, medicine, business, computer science) or minor (e.g., for the natural, physical and social science and humanities majors).

Physical Sciences

The Physical Science Department encompasses a number of programs including: Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, and Physics. Courses within these programs are taken by those who are preparing for a career in science or engineering, fulfilling a General Education science requirement, and those simply wishing to learn about one or more of these fields.

Public Safety Training

Looking for a career in Fire-Fighting, Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement or another field in Public Safety? If you enjoy helping others, are active and enjoy challenges, take your first steps towards a career in Public Safety.

Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department at Bakersfield College offers programs in Economics, History and Political Science.