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Work Experience

General Information

Work Experience is a course that allows you to earn college credit through the experience you obtain at your worksite. To enroll you MUST be currently employed or working in an unpaid volunteer position AND your position MUST be related to your major in order to be considered eligible. If you are not currently employed, please visit the CTE Internship page for information and eligibilty for internship placement. Work Experience can me taken a maximum of 2 semesters at 4 units per semester. There have been some changes to the work experience program and courses will now be listed as major specific.

Orientation Dates

Summer 2018 Session 
Tuesday, June 12 at 6:00-8:00 p.m. - MS 26
Wednesday, June 13 at 6:00-8:00 p.m.  - MS 26

Name Email Phone
Cindi Swoboda
Department Assistant III 661-395-4089
Rachael Prieto
Department Assistant III 661-395-4550

Major Courses

The following major courses are approved for work experience/internships:

Agriculture, Nutrition and Culinary Arts

  • Ag Business (AGBS B48WE)
  • Animal Science (ANSC B48WE)
  • Crop Science (CRPS B48WE)
  • Food Service (FDSV B48WE)
  • Forestry (FORE B48WE)
  • Mechanical Ag (MCAG B48WE)
  • Ornamental Horticulture (ORNH B48WE)


  • Business Administration (BSAD B48WE)
  • Computer Science (COMP B48WE)

Industrial Technology

  • Architecture (ARCH B48WE)
  • Automotive (AUTO B48WE)
  • Construction (CNST B48WE)
  • Electronics (ELET B48WE)
  • Industrial Drawing (INDR B48WE)
  • Industrial Technology (INDT B48WE)
  • Manufacturing (MFGT B48WE)
  • Welding (WELD B48WE)


  • Nursing (NURS B48WE) *Restricted

Work Experience allows you to earn college credit through meeting several requirements, which are listed in the Work Experience Course Handbook***(Please Note)*** To access you will have to log in with your Bakersfield College Credentials.

In order to participate in the Work Experience program the following five (5) steps are REQUIRED and are the responsibility of the student. You must complete the required steps in order to ensure your enrollment in the course. Once you have completed all five (5) steps, you will be contacted by an assigned coordinator who will coordinate completion of your coursework so that you may earn credit and a grade.

If you have difficulty completing these steps please contact the Work Experience office at 661-395-4580 or stop by the office located in the Family and Consumer Education (FACE) Building, Room 16 (campus map).

Application Process

  1. Read the Handbook
  2. Submit a Work Experience Application***(Please Note)*** To access you will have to log in with your Bakersfield College Credentials.
  3. Choose a Course
  4. Enroll in the Course using InsideBC
  5. Attend a MANDATORY Orientation
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