Bakersfield College

Online Education FAQs

General Questions

Do I need to have a college-assigned email address to take an online class?

Yes. You must have a college-assigned email address that is operational and that you check frequently. You can access your college-assigned email through InsideBC.


What are the beginning and ending dates of online courses?

Bakersfield College online courses follow the semester schedule. In most cases, online course materials may be accessed the first day of the semester. Online courses, generally, end during finals week. Some short term courses follow a slightly different schedule.


How do I get my books?

Books may be purchased at the Bookstore located on the main BC campus. Books can also be ordered through the online BC Bookstore. Some students are able to find books through other booksellers. Be sure you are purchasing the correct book and edition when not purchasing through the BC Bookstore.


Can I access the syllabus before I register so I know what to expect?

You must contact the appropriate instructor to receive the syllabi before the beginning of the semester. It is up to the instructor’s discretion to respond to students before the beginning of the semester.


Why haven’t I heard from my instructor? The semester has already begun.

It could be that your instructor will not respond until the first day of class, which is the first day of school. If you still have not heard from your instructor by that time, send another email to them.


Is there technical support for online students?

The Online Support Center is located at or call 1 (877) 382-3508. The Help Desk is supposed to provide assistance for: myBanWeb, Moodle, Wireless Access, Inside BC Portal (Luminis) or any Login/Password/Access issue. In some cases, your instructor may be able to answer your technical questions. If your instructor cannot help you with your question, he/she may forward your question to the technical support staff. These people can, in many cases, help the students solve their technical problem if it is directly related to their online course interface. Other issues, such as your computer malfunctioning, your Internet service failing, or difficulty with specific software are issues that our technical support personnel are not prepared to handle. Online students are expected to solve many computer issues on their own or with hired assistance for which they are responsible.


I am on the waitlist for a specific course and I can’t login to my class...

Students on the waiting list typically are not given access to the online class until after they move onto the official roll sheet. However, you should send an email to your instructor, if you haven’t already done so, with up-to-date contact information. Check your registration status daily so that you will know when you are moved to the official roll sheet, if that occurs.

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