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Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream LogoFor 100 years, Bakersfield College has been committed to meeting every student, wherever they are, and helping them progress and achieve their educational goals and transforming their lives.

Achieving the Dream will provide a rigorous and comprehensive approach to ensuring that this work continues. Achieving the Dream is an approach to student success which will be integrated into the fabric of what we do, every day, at Bakersfield College.

The program brings in the framework to help Bakersfield College fine-tune the work we already do to help every student succeed.

Bakersfield College will be “underlining” all students.

Certain populations are disenfranchised, and we are all-too aware of this ongoing issue. Scores and data indicate a widening achievement gap.

Using the model from Achieving the Dream, we will identify, in a disaggregated manner, those student populations not achieving at the same level and develop targeted interventions to help them succeed.

Core Team

  • Primavera Arvizu, Director of Financial Aid, CARE EOP&S & CalWorks
  • Kimberly Bligh, Professor and Faculty Chair, Education
  • Lesley Bonds, Student Success Program Manager
  • Henry Covarrubias, Equity Program Manger
  • Zav Dadabhoy, Vice President, Student Services
  • Nan Gomez-Heitzeberg, Executive Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • Brian Hirayama, Professor, Communication
  • Odella Johnson, Director of Equity & Inclusion
  • Keri Kennedy, Educational Advisor
  • Marisa Marquez, Interim Director, Transfer Center
  • Erica Menchaca, Faculty, Education, Math
  • Emmanuel (Manny) Mourtzanos, Dean of Instruction
  • Stephen Waller, Dean of Instruction
  • Jessica Wojtysiak, Faculty, Education, English