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Letters From BC

In 1913, Bakersfield leadership & the community were visionaries. They knew that higher education was absolutely critical for Kern County, and so they created a community college in Bakersfield. Bakersfield College is proud to have been providing local students and families with high quality, affordable higher education and job training since 1913. While we are proud of our successes, repairs and upgrades are needed to ensure students can continue to earn college credits, certifications, and job training skills at a reasonable price.

In the 1950s, leadership & the community again showed their commitment to the college when they supported Bakersfield College’s expansion and move to the hill.

Sixty years later, many things have changed – but one constant piece that remains is that the community realizes that the return on investment of Bakersfield College is huge.

Dr. Sonya Christian
President, Bakersfield College
March 31, 2016

Kern Community College District