Bakersfield College's physical campuses are closed. All classes and student services have moved online for the remainder of Summer 2020.
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Bakersfield College

A Better BC Funded by Measure J; KCCD AECOM/Parsons

Text Descriptions for Construction Maps

Text description of Path of Travel Map

The cement pathway north of the Campus Center is closed until the conclusion of the project. The sidewalk from the NE corner of campus Center to the new VRC location will be temporarily closed.

This map shows the path of travel for the entire Bakersfield College campus. A construction fence has been put up around the parking lots behind the bookstore, which are now closed to access and walkway. Students will need to walk on the pathway next to the Admin building, north side of Campus Center, and on the main pathway on the west side of the Science & Engineering building while the sidewalk on the East side of the Campus Center is closed.

The large grass area north of the Science & Engineering (SE) building are fenced off due to construction of the new Science & Engineering building. The pathway/access to the north side of the existing SE building will be closed, as well as the parking lot between SE and IT buildings (P5) will be closed. Access to the SE building will only be available on the south side of the building. The SE courtyard will remain open, but only accessible from SE building doors and the south side of the breezeway. Access to the hallway with the large lecture rooms will be through the SE courtyard and breezeway from the biology lab side of the building. A new ramp may be installed in the courtyard to improve ADA access during this time. Additionally, the road on the north side of the fenced off area is closed requiring pedestrians to use the upper level walking path up the stairs to the PAC building, leading to the east portion of campus. Those requiring an ADA route will need to utilize the elevator at the bottom of the PAC stairs in order to get to the upper level walkway.

Text description of Parking Map

A portion of the P8 parking lot is temporarily closed, as well as the walkway next to the Field House. Please use the other sidewalk along Renegade Road during this construction period.

Additionally, construction is in progress on lot P5 between Science and Engineering and Industrial Technology, as well as in lots P13 and P14 south of the library.

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