Bakersfield College

A Better BC Funded by Measure J; KCCD AECOM/Parsons

Text Descriptions for Construction Maps

Text description of Path of Travel Map

The cement pathway north of the Campus Center is closed until the conclusion of the project, and the corner southeast of the Center of Student Success building will be closed. The sidewalk from the NE corner of campus Center to the former VRC location will be temporarily closed. There are two detours that can be utilized.

  1. Use the stairs along the front entrance of CSS to achieve access to pathways north and south of the CSS buildings.
  2. The ADA detour will cut through CSS in the underground walkway to achieve access to pathways north and south of the CSS buildings.

This map shows the path of travel for the entire Bakersfield College campus. A construction fence has been put up around the parking lots behind the bookstore, which are now closed to access and walkway. Students will need to walk on the pathway next to the Admin building, north side of Campus Center, and on the main pathway on the west side of the Science & Engineering building while the sidewalk on the East side of the Campus Center is closed. The fence has cut off access to Finlinson Center, and to the north side of Language Arts building which leads to parking lot 14 behind the cafeteria.

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