Bakersfield College

Trans Resources

While KCCD district policy requires students to use their legal name for records kept within the Admissions & Records office, Bakersfield College is working to provide more flexibility in the use of screen names.

Virtual Screen Name Change Form

At this time a name change with the College is not possible unless a student has legally changed their name. However, there are a variety of ways to change your zoom and canvas display name, get a new RenegadeCard Student ID, and inform your faculty of the appropriate name and pronouns to use in class. You can request all of these changes by filling out the Virtual Screen Name Change Form or by reviewing the following information. To learn more about how to change your California State Identity documents, visit the National Center for Transgender Equality, or if you need assistance changing your name/gender with the state or government contact the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project.

Canvas Display Name Change

If you would like your screen name on Canvas changed to reflect your real name, please complete the Virtual Screen Name Change Form. The typical response time from the Office of Student Life is three to five business days. You may also send an email to Dr. Nicky Damania, Director of Student Life, with any questions or further assistance.

Changing your Student ID Card Name

You can also have a new RengadeCard printed with your Real name. Be sure to submit the Virtual Screen Name Change Form and mark if you like to have your RenegadeCard reprinted. The Office of Student Life will facilitate the request on behalf of the student and the student will be notified when a new card is ready for pick up.

Notice to Faculty

To ensure confidence in the student and create a positive relationship with the faculty, it is preferred that students email their faculty on their own and copying on the email. Otherwise, the Office of Student Life is offering gender identity accommodation letters to be sent to faculty each semester. The Office of Student Life would send an email to your registered faculty before the semester begins, informing them of the student’s appropriate pronouns and name to create a positive learning environment. In order to take advantage of the name change process, please fill out the Virtual Screen Name Change Form indicating your request.

Update Your NameCoach

NameCoach is a tool that is integrated into Canvas and is designed to support inclusive teaching practices. It allows you to record and share the pronunciation of your name and your pronouns. BC Academic Technology has created a video on How to Use NameCoach.

Zoom Display Name/Pronouns Change

Anyone can permanently add pronouns and/or change their display names:

  1. Open the Zoom app and tap the Settings icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose Profile.
  3. Select Edit Profile.
  4. Click Edit next to your name.
  5. Write in your pronouns after your Last Name (e.g. (she/her), (they/them)).

Also, you can add pronouns to your name in a meeting:

  1. Right click on your name.
  2. Select Rename. (Host must enable this feature.)
  3. Enter a new screen name and OK.

Legal Name or Gender Change

The Admissions & Records Office requires legal verification. To change one’s name with the College, students are required to show two forms of Government Documentation - one government-issued picture ID and one legal document showing proof of the change you would like to make. If a student legally changed their gender with their state, then proof of this gender change on their state-issued identification card can be presented. If you have further questions, please email from your BC email account to get started with this process.

If you are sending documentation, please email to get the File Express link, so you can send documentation and get instructions. If a student prefers to avoid working directly with the Admissions & Records Office, the Office of Student Life can facilitate this process on the student’s behalf. Name and gender changes will not change on federal documents unless the student has made these changes to their social security.

Official Email Name Change

It is important to note that a College name change will not change your BC email username until appropriate paperwork and submission has been completed by the Admissions & Records Office. Once official, you will need to submit a Help Desk Ticket found on the Technology Support Services page.