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8+8 at Bakersfield College

Beginning Spring 2021, Bakersfield College is offering all the required courses for certain majors in 8-week options! Students in these majors can split their semester into two 8-week sessions instead of having to take one long 16 week semester. This allows you to focus on just two or three classes at a time during each 8-week period while maintaining your full-time status throughout the semester. Sample schedule:

Spring Semester
First 8 Weeks Scecond 8 Weeks
  • ENGL B1A (3)
  • CRIM B1 (3)
  • PSYC B1A (3)
  • COMM B1 (3)
  • CRIM B2 (3)
Total Units: 15

This scheduling model gives students added flexibility when planning out their semester, and especially benefits students who cannot commit to an entire 16 weeks for their coursework. This includes: students who arrive to BC late in the semester, students with seasonal jobs, students with planned extended absences during either half of the semester, and many more.

8+8 Majors:

Major (click for 8-week template) Catalog Requirements  Spring 2021 Course Schedules
Administration of Justice AS-T  Spring 2021 Course Schedule
Anthropology AA-T Spring 2021 Course Schedule
Communication Studies* AA-T Spring 2021 Course Schedule
Early Childhood Education* AS-T Spring 2021 Course Schedule
Psychology AA-T Spring 2021 Course Schedule
Sociology AA-T Spring 2021 Course Schedule
CSU General Education CSU GE Spring 2021 Course Schedule

*some required courses are currently only available in 16-week options 


When possible, students should take two classes in each 8-week session and two classes in the summer session. In terms of maximum allowable semester units, a student in good standing can take a maximum of 19 units per semester.
Yes, students are able to combine 8-week and 16-week courses in the same semester. For example, students can take two classes during the first 8-week session, another two classes during the second 8-week session, and one class throughout the entire 16-week semester.
Full-time status is achieved by taking at least 12 units in a long semester (combination of 16-week, first 8-week, and second 8-week classes). As long as you register for a combined total of 12 units, you will still be a full-time student.
You will register for 16-week, first 8-week, and second 8-week classes at the same time during the semester registration period.
Since these days will vary for each class and from semester to semester, students should check the course information for each class on InsideBC.
The units for your classes will not change.
No. Students who want to maintain full time status throughout the semester will only have to take a total of 12 units, which can be done by any combination of 16-week, first 8-week, and second 8-week classes.
The tuition payment deadline will not change for 8-week classes. You will still be required to pay (or make payment plans) for classes within 10 days after registering.
No. Enrollment fees are set by the state at $46 per unit, regardless of the length of the course.
As long as students register for all their classes (including classes in the second 8-week session) before the Financial Aid freeze date, their Financial Aid will not be affected. Students who make changes to their schedule after the freeze date will not have their Financial Aid adjusted. Please visit the Financial Aid website for freeze dates for each semester, and be sure to meet with out Financial Aid technician for more information.
Yes, VA benefits might be affected for students taking 8 week classes. Students are encouraged to meet with the veterans advisor for more information.